Five tips for shaving with durability

Five tips for shaving with durability. Every summer we fight a daily battle against unwanted hair growth. So, learn how to ensure gentle feet for more days.

The only way to get rid of one and good with unwanted hair is laser. But because most women rely on the shaving method to get smooth legs, the classic summer wonder is what we can do to keep shaving for a few more days.

1. Leave the shaving last

Shaving as you enter the shower is a wrong strategy to change. So leave the shaving last, so that your hair has been softened by moisture and heat and your pores have been opened by steam. This way, you will achieve a deep shave.

2. Peeling

You may think that shaving gives you the exfoliation you need, but things are different, as exfoliation removes dead skin cells, making hair more easily removed afterward and avoiding stinging. If you haven’t bought a body scrub, you can make your own by mixing half a cup of coconut oil with a cup of brown sugar.

3. Use a shaving foam

Release the shower gel and grasp the shaving foam, which helps the razor perform better while protecting the skin. You can do your job with the foam that your partner uses to shave or even with the conditioner for your hair.

4. Shave counter

Shave from the bottom upwards, in the opposite direction to the hair to ensure a deep shave that will last as long as possible.

5. Use a razor with at least three blades

Get a quality razor with at least three blades to speed up the process. Combining this razor with foam will reduce the risk of accidents and irritations.

After shaving does not forget to apply a generous amount of moisturizing cream to your skin to repair the skin barrier and get really soft feet.

Five tips for shaving with durability

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