Get Red Hair without fade quickly

Get Red Hair without fade quickly. We love red hair dye. But whichever color you choose the hair color, either darker red or pale bronze, always has the same problem of fading.

Red hair dye is always special and needs more care than blond or brown hair to keep the color right. Especially if you were blonde before you decided to make the big change and dye your hair red you will have the problem of fading very soon, and you will have to repeat the dye not only at the root but throughout the hair.

The gives you the best tips to keep the red hair dye as possible.

The first thing to know is that to keep your hair color longer, no matter what it is, your hair needs to be healthy, hydrated and of course with no scissors. Whatever work you do on your hair, it will last longer if they are not suffering.

After painting, let it pass for at least two days before bathing. This will prevent the soil from sitting better on your hair and avoid premature fading. Do not do other technical work on your hair the same day as highlights or straightening hair so as not to cause any further discomfort.

Buy special red hair products. Not for just dyed hair but for red. A range of red hair products, from shampoo to hair mask, will provide the right hydration and shine that red hair needs and your hair will last much longer. Try to bathe in as little hot water as possible. If you can withstand the cold even better and take care to bathe your hair as thinly as you can. Remember that red hair dyeing is special and requires extra care.

Take care to protect your hair from the sun. Apply a special hair sunscreen and apply it to your hair in the Summer and all year long when it is sunny.

Get Red Hair without fade quickly

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