Helpful tips against dry and burning eyes

Burning eyes are uncomfortable and painful. Here are the Helpful tips against dry and burning eyes. Various causes such as heating air or long work at a computer screen can cause the eyes to become too dry. But allergies and other environmental influences are also responsible for the complaints.

We have compiled the causes and tips against reddened and dry eyes for you in the following article.

Our body protects the sensitive surface of the eyes with tear fluid. The liquid is used to always keep the eyes moist and to rinse out small dirt particles immediately. The tear fluid also ensures that unevenness on the cornea is evened out. If we blink, our eyes are wetted with tear fluid and the eye remains moist. Let’s see the Helpful tips against dry and burning eyes.

Office Eye Syndrome – a common cause of dry eyes

Anyone who works at the screen for a long time is familiar with the problem: The eyes are overloaded and start to burn, the symptoms are also known as Office Eye Syndrome. Through the concentrated and focused work on the computer, the muscles of the eye are extremely strained. In addition, the blink of an eye is reduced. We normally blink about 15 times per minute, but on the screen, the blinking is reduced to about three times. The tear film is no longer distributed regularly on the eye. This will make the eye dry and leave it feeling itchy and burning. Sometimes it feels like we have a foreign object in our eye. Dry office air, low humidity, or incorrect lighting can make the problems even worse.

It’s not just too much PC work that causes eye discomfort. An allergy, inflammation of the eye, or wearing contact lenses can also cause burning eyes. Various medications and diseases also contribute to dry eyes. In these cases, it is best to contact a doctor.

This will prevent the annoying burning sensation

If you sit in front of the screen for a long time every day during office work, you have various options to prevent the annoying burning sensation. A good tip is to look out the window into the distance regularly. This takes a lot of strain off your eyes because you don’t have to focus on the screen for a moment. It is best to get used to looking around from time to time. Make a resolution to take a short break at least once every hour, during which you can no longer concentrate on-screen work.

You can also close your eyes and move the eyeballs slightly with the lids closed. Doing this from time to time will be relaxing and refreshing and will help you focus. Make sure to blink regularly as you work to keep your eyes moist.

It is best to get some fresh air during your lunch break. Regular ventilation of the offices and air humidifiers also ensure that your eyes feel more comfortable during working hours. When driving home in the car, remember not to direct the airflow directly at the eyes, as this will irritate already stressed eyes even more.

The right screen for relaxed work

A screen that is too bright is extremely stressful for the eyes. Set a low contrast and adjust the screen accordingly. With new monitors, there is a so-called “paper mode”, which offers an excellent reading experience. You may already be familiar with this mode from e-book readers that look similar to the printed paper. Paper mode is particularly suitable if you read documents frequently and then switch to the screen – the eyes do not have to keep refocusing.

The location of the monitor also has an impact. Ideally, the monitor is to the side of the window and you are sitting at least half a meter away from it. You should not be further than 80 cm from the screen. Make sure you are in a good sitting position. It is very good if you look slightly from above at the edge of the screen. If you look up from below, it puts too much strain on your neck. Backlighting is not recommended for PC work.

Home remedies for dry eyes

If diseases can be ruled out as the cause of dry eyes, there are several home remedies that can provide relief:

You may be familiar with cucumber slices on your eyes from cosmetic treatment. The thick slices of cucumber are also helpful for heavily strained eyes. Simply place the cucumber slices on the eyes for about a quarter of an hour every day. This ensures pleasant relaxation. As an alternative to the cucumber slices, you can also use quark wraps.

If the eyes are thick and puffy, black tea works wonders. Let two teabags steep for about a minute. Then place the cooled bags on the closed eyelids. The tannins in tea have a decongestant and soothing effect.

Some days the stress is enormous and the eyes are sore and tired. In these cases, contrast baths are an excellent way to relax your eyes. Take two compresses or washcloths and soak them with cold or warm water. Alternately place the washcloths on the closed eyes. Instead of water, you can also use black tea or chamomile tea.

Perfect alternative – eye drops from the trade

A large number of eye drops are available on the market that are effective against dry eyes. Artificial tears contain moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or dexpanthenol. Regularly drop the products in your eyes for relief. You can achieve a very good effect with eye ointments that work overnight. Since the eyesight is impaired when applied, you should use the ointments while sleeping. Ideally, the drops and ointments do not contain any preservatives that could otherwise worsen the symptoms.

Euphrasia, also known as real eyebright, is perfect for soothing stressed eyes. If you don’t want to make your own tea from the leaves and flowers of the plant, there are various products available in stores that you can drip directly into your eyes. The real eyebright is also helpful for irritation of the conjunctiva or non-purulent conjunctivitis. Be sure to read the package insert before use and, if in doubt, ask a doctor for advice.

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