Homemade body scrub for glowing skin

Homemade body scrub for glowing skin. If you want your skin to always look beautiful and youthful, then a body scrub will help you achieve it. Using it you can restore radiance, vitality and soft texture to your skin, removing dead cells and all the dirt that accumulates on its surface and makes it dull and wild.

A body scrub can be easily done at home with natural or commercial cosmetic scrubs that have beneficial properties for the skin. In fact, there are some exfoliating products that can help in the treatment of cellulite, discoloration, and acne.

But before we go into the natural recipes for a homemade body scrub, let’s look at what the skin has to offer with a cure and some secrets for using it. Those are the best Homemade body scrub for glowing skin.

How does body scrub help?

In addition to the well-known facial peeling and peeling to treat fractured heels and other skin problems, the scrub can be applied all over the body. The reasons why body scrub is a product that experts recommend to use are:

  • It removes dead cells and pollutants that accumulate on the surface of the skin, making it look youthful.
  • It removes black spots.
  • Activates the regeneration of skin cells.
  • It opens pores and cleans them thoroughly, reducing the appearance of pimples on the feet and back.
  • It prevents the formation of follicles from waxing, that is, the hair that develops internally and creates annoying pimples.
  • Prepares the skin for hair removal by any method.
  • Makes the skin shiny, smooth and beautiful without dry and harsh spots.
  • It reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  • Tightens the skin tissue and strengthens its elasticity.
  • It stimulates blood circulation while preventing peeling and itching.
  • Hydrating and therapeutic cosmetic products (for example anti-cellulite) are more absorbed and penetrate deeper into clean and exfoliated skin.
  • Increases the durability of tanning.

Tips for proper body scrub:

  • Body scrubs should be done with prudence and moderation. Age is an important factor in determining the frequency because as we get older the rate of cell renewal slows down and dead cells grow.
  • Peeling 1-2 times a month during the cold months of the year is enough.
  • On the contrary, during the summer months, due to perspiration and increased oiliness, body scrub becomes more necessary, since a large amount of dead cells are concentrated in the skin. So it is advisable to body scrub once a week.
  • The body scrub can be made with both commercial products and natural peeling recipes, such as those you will see later in the article. The important thing is to choose the right blend for your skin type.
  • Instead of a body peeling product, you can use a lather, a brush or a scrub glove.

How to use body scrub:

The best time to exfoliate is during the bath. Due to the hot water, the skin pores open and prepares the skin for better absorption of the beneficial elements of the body scrub. Follow these steps:

  1. First, clean your skin with a mild soap or shower gel.
  2. After rinsing the soap well, apply the body scrub on a moisturized skin.
  3. Before applying the exfoliating product, it is advisable to rub it slightly between your hands. This will take your body temperature and maximize its effect.
  4. Apply to peel with gentle circular movements wherever you want.
  5. After applying the scrub and after rinsing thoroughly, wipe the tampons and apply a moisturizing body cream or beneficial vegetable oil, such as almond oil, castor oil, spatula, and sesame oil.

Below we will look at some recipes for a homemade body scrub.

Homemade body scrub for cellulite with salt:

You will need:
– 10 drops of grapefruit essential oil
– 4 tablespoons sesame oil
– 3 handfuls of coarse iodine

Beneficial material properties: Coarse iodine exfoliates the skin thoroughly, preparing it to receive the beneficial ingredients of the scrub. Sesame oil hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. Finally, grapefruit essential oil combats fluid retention and significantly reduces cellulite.

Preparation: Simply mix all ingredients until you get a uniform blend.

How to Apply: Apply the mixture on clean, moist skin by massaging circular motions. But be careful, the skin should not be irritated, because salt will aggravate the problem.

Natural body scrub with honey and lemon:

You will need:
– 1/2 fresh lemon
– 1 tablespoon honey
– 1 tablespoon olive oil
– 1/2 cup crystalline sugar

Beneficial material properties: Lemon is rich in vitamin C, has whitening properties and tightens pores. It offers protection from the sun and spots. Honey has moisturizing and antioxidant properties while counteracting acne and black spots. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and acts as a sedative. Sugar is the essential ingredient that exfoliates the skin and makes it smooth and soft, removing dirt and dead cells.

Preparation: First mix the lemon and olive oil in a bowl. Once homogenized add the honey and mix again. Finally, pour the sugar into the mixture and once it is assimilated and united it is ready to use. It may take some sugar more to make it paste. If necessary add slowly until you get the desired texture.

How to apply: First cleanse the skin and leave it wet. Then apply in a circular massage movement for 3-5 minutes all over the body. Then rinse with plenty of warm water and apply a moisturizing cream.

Homemade body scrub with coffee and coconut oil:

You will need:
– 1/4 cup sugar
– 1/2 cup coconut oil
– 1 cup coffee beans

Beneficial material properties: The coffee and sugar granules act as the basic exfoliating elements of the blend, while coconut oil deeply moisturizes the skin.

Preparation: Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well until a uniform paste. Store the mixture in a jar and use it whenever you like.

How to apply: Apply body scrub with coconut oil on clean, moist skin during bathing, making circular massage movements. Then rinse with plenty of lukewarm water and apply a moisturizing cream.

Body Scrub with Cinnamon:

You will need:
– 1/8 cup olive oil
– 1/4 cup almond oil
– 1/2 cup salt
– 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder
– 2-3 tablespoons honey

Beneficial properties of the ingredients: Olive oil deeply hydrates and protects the skin while also acting as a cleanser due to Vitamin A and other antioxidants it contains. Almond oil is a source of protein, minerals, and fiber, but also rich in vitamins E and B. Cinnamon cures acne and eczema. And finally honey has emollient, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It works against acne, detoxifies the skin and removes dirt.

Preparation: First mix olive oil with almond oil and salt. Then add the cinnamon and honey and mix again until you get a uniform viscous cream. Finally, store the mixture in a jar that is closed for future use.

How to Apply: Apply a small amount of peeling to clean, moist skin by massaging in circular motions. Then rinse with plenty of lukewarm water and apply a moisturizing body cream or oil of your choice.

Natural peeling body with orange aroma:

You will need:
– 9 drops of orange essential oil
– 1 tablespoon orange zest
– 1/4 cup jojoba oil
– 1 1/2 cup brown sugar cane

Beneficial properties of the ingredients: Orange essential oil and its zest add a wonderful scent to the scrub while moisturizing the skin and giving it a rich vitamin C content. Lastly, brown sugar removes all pollutants from the skin and makes mild and deep exfoliation of the salt, so it is ideal even for sensitive skin. It contains alpha-hydroxy, which has exfoliating and emollient properties.

Preparation: Mix all ingredients in a closed jar and, once homogenized, your body scrub is ready. Store it in the fridge and use it whenever you like.

How to apply: Apply the mixture on wet skin and massage in a circular motion. Then rinse with plenty of warm water and apply a moisturizer in the form of a cream or body oil.

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