Homemade facial lotion

Homemade facial lotion. After every cleanses our skin needs toning. The lotion stimulates and rejuvenates the skin. Learn how to make your own homemade lotion from pure ingredients.

Chamomile lotion

Ideal for sensitive skin.

Boil 40 grams of chamomile in 1 liter of water. Then filter the decoction and let it cool down before using it on the face.

Mint lotion

Ideal for oily skin. Deeply cleans the open pores and fights the spitfire.

Boil 30 grams of peppermint in 1 liter of water. Once it is cold it is ready to use.
For very sensitive skin use 15 g of mint.

Rosemary lotion

Ideal for tired and wrinkled skin with wrinkles.

In a liter of water boil a handful of rosemary. Then let the decoction cool. We use this lotion once a day on a clean face.

Poppy lotion

Ideal for dry skin. Prevents wrinkles.

In a glass of water pour a handful of poppy petals. Leave them there until their ingredients come out. Strain the water to keep it clean.

Cucumber lotion

For all skin types.

Grate pieces of cucumber until a sufficient amount of juice is collected. Then strain the juice. This lotion can be used either straight or in a solution with 1/3 rose water.

Lemon and rose water cleansing lotion

Simple natural cleansing lotion that makes your skin bright, while combating unwanted pimples.

All you have to do is mix the same lemon and rose water. Stir very well until homogenized and your lotion is ready.

You do not need any special preparation before applying it, you just have to clean your face thoroughly and remove all contaminants and germs with the help of an emulsion. Then take the lotion mixture and apply it on the face, neck, and chest.

Refreshing lotion from cucumber, glycerin, and rose water

Simple and inexpensive lotion that will cool your damaged skin.

Grind 1 cucumber into the blender, drain and put the juice in a shaker. Add 2 tablespoons glycerin and 2 tablespoons rose water and beat until homogenized. The refreshing face lotion is ready. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Softening and soothing lotion against dryness of hair or skin

From the seeds of the “golden apple”, you can prepare a soothing and soothing lotion, which helps in the treatment of dry hair.

You’ll need:

– 50 grams of quince seeds
– 1 liter of cold water

Method of preparation:

Pour the pellets into the cold water and allow to soak for 3 days. Then filter the mixture and your lotion is ready.

How to apply:

If you want to use it on your hair, apply it after washing, while gently massaging it in circular motions. Then allow it to act for a few minutes and rinse it off. Repeating this procedure once a week for 2 months will see a big difference.

If you still want to use it to cleanse your dry or irritated face, you only have to use it as a lotion.

You can also use it as a compress for broken lips.

Finally, by slicing fresh quince you can unblock the eyelids and rest your eyes.

Homemade facial lotion

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