Homemade hair bleaching

Homemade hair bleaching methods, find out how it works through the beautymakeuptipsonline.com, where many women search for the wonderful appearance of hair, which is done through many different methods, including the consultation, which makes the hair look soft, but It needs some special steps to do it, which we will explain to you in the coming lines.

  • Included hair bleaching method
    • 1- Washing hair
    • 2- Dry the hair
    • 3- Comb the hair
    • 4- Using oils
    • 5- Division of hair
    • 6- Hairdryer
  • Bleach for bristle hair

Homemade hair bleaching methods

As for the method by which a hairdryer can be done, it does not need big steps, you just have to follow the correct method, in order to obtain fine hair like the one obtained through beauty salons, and when doing a hairdryer, some things must be taken into account. Others, which include the following:

1- Washing hair

One of the important things that must be done is washing the hair, and it is one of the first steps that must be taken, in order to get rid of some of the materials attached to the hair, such as oils and the remnants of various hair care products, and the hair is washed through the use of shampoo, and after washing the hair with water, Then add the conditioner to it, and leave it for five minutes, and then wash it again with water, until it is made sure that the hair is completely free of oils and various other preparations because there are some types of oils that can cause great damage to the hair in the event that It was used before consulting.

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2- Dry the hair

As for the next step through which a hairdryer is done, is to work on drying the hair completely from water, by operating the hairdryer on medium or cold temperatures, while distributing the air over the hair, so that the amount of water is eliminated The stuck in the hair, and the hair can be dried without using the hair dryer, by drying it with a towel, which is passed over the hair and between the strands, in order to work to absorb the amount of water stuck between the hair, which is a safe and fast way.

3- Comb the hair

After that, work is done on combing the hair, by using the comb that contains the teeth that are far apart, because it is easy to use on wet hair, and it does not stress the hair at that time, and upon completion of combing the hair, work is done to dry it again by The towel.

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4- Using oils

After that, work is done to put some types of creams or natural oils, in order to work on moisturizing the hair, and it also helps to protect the hair from the damage that can be caused by the consultation, and among those oils is argan oil, but it must be used in moderation, In other words, it is very small on the hair, so as not to protect the hair only, and at the same time, it does not cause any kind of damage.

5- Division of hair

After that, the hair is divided into many different strands, in order to make sure that it has been permanently dried, and after dividing it, the towel or the cold shawl is passed again, so that any amount of water stuck to the hair is removed.

6- Hair dryer

This step is considered the last step in the work of the hairdryer, through which the consultation is connected to an electric current, and then the brush is brought, and passed on the strands of hair, taking into account that it is passed to the top or bottom while passing the consultation at an angle equivalent to forty-five degrees Roughly, this is done through the backside, which is parallel to the neck, except to end at the forehead side, and those steps are repeated again, by passing the brush several times, and with repeating that step, the next strand is entered, and so on until it is done. Complete the entire hair.

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Bleach for bristle hair

The coarse hair method is one of the homemade hair bleaching methods that many are looking for, because it is one of the types of hair that needs more effort, and adding some ingredients to the hair, in order to obtain the desired result, especially if the hair is rough to the touch, and the method is The work of the consultation for coarse hair as follows:

Bleach for bristle hair tips

  1. In the beginning, work is done to divide the hair into several different sections, so that at the beginning they are four sides, and then each side is divided into two or three parts, and this varies from one woman to another, depending on the density and length of the hair as well.
  2. The special brush for the dryer is brought, and then work is done on combing the strand, which will be worked on individualized by the consultation.
  3. The brush is passed with the dryer device running on high temperature, and the more coarse the hair or suffers from wrinkles in large quantities, the better the temperature of the hair dryer is very high so that the effective and satisfactory result for the hair type is obtained.
  4. The treatment device is directed directly towards the desired strand, while working to pass the brush forward, taking into account not to pass it or return it back to the back, so that it does not suffer from split ends.
  5. In the event that the hair is curly and rough to the touch, it is necessary to work on passing the treatment over one strand several times in a row, so that the desired result is obtained.
  6. The brush must be pulled to the front or the backside in case the ends of the hair are turned on, taking into account not to pull it down, so that the hair does not appear brittle and unwanted.

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