Homemade manicure tips

Homemade manicure tips. If you have never been good at art, the result is frustrating, rough and usually gets the… acetone.

Beauties, don’t put it down. The process has its tricks. If you know them, you will immediately become a star.
Well, it takes patience and practice. The perfect fit depends on where you put the lacquer on the brush as well as the amount of lacquer.

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So let’s start with the steps you need to follow:

  • Do not shake the vial before you start painting your nails. Instead, roll it between your palms. The friction will homogenize the color without creating blisters.
  • Clean your nails with a little acetone to remove any traces of greasy material (eg hand cream). This way the paint will layer better and will not peel off.
  • The right move to get the necessary amount of varnish is to work the brush back and forth on the neck of the vial. This movement straightens the hair of the brush and concentrates the necessary amount of varnish on the edge of the brush on one side. The amount you need depends on how big the surface of your nail is. For this reason, you will need 2-3 times of practice.
  • Then apply the brush side with the varnish, near the base of the nail, and draw a line to the edge. Repeat the same motion until you cover the entire surface of the nail. Start from the middle of the nail and continue gradually on both sides.
  • If you are on the right hand and want to paint the nails of the dominant – right hand then do the following: hold the right hand firmly on a flat large surface so that the elbow rests. You will do the same with the left hand. When your elbow rests on a flat, flat surface, the hand will be more firmly positioned to precisely apply the varnish.
  • If you have wide nails, leave small gaps on both sides so your nails will be more elegant and even.
  • Accidents are not a problem, if you accidentally apply varnish on the towels, then allow it to dry and then wipe with a cotton swab dipped in acetone. You can also do the following trick, before starting to paint your nails, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly or oil very carefully only to the nipples with a cotton swab.
  • Once you have finished painting your nails and have the desired effect, apply a nail dryer for quick drying and longer color.

Bonus Tip: It is advisable to be dressed and painted for the outdoors. Oh, and the keys out of the bag (they do the damage!). To dry your nails faster, put them in a bowl of cold water.

Homemade manicure tips

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