How do I maintain my tan? 8 tips for a longer duration

How do I maintain my tan? 8 tips for a longer duration. Summer gave us some moments of carefreeness that we needed so much, but also a beautiful natural tan from the caresses of the sun on our body.

And now that the holidays are slowly coming to an end, the question is… how do I keep my tan?

Unfortunately, chocolate skin does not last forever. But there are some little secrets to increase the duration of tanning for a while longer. So, Let’s see, How to maintain my tan.

Moisturizing the skin

The most important thing is to keep the skin hydrated. This will prevent dehydration and then the unwanted peeling that will remove the surface layer of the skin along with the tan. And in fact, the idea is to prepare your skin before you start tanning.

For this reason, the use of moisturizing face and body cream is essential. Alternatively, you can invest in a body oil that will keep the necessary moisture on the skin, making it radiant and beautiful, while highlighting your chocolate color. Use the cream or oil after sunbathing, bathing, but also whenever your skin feels thirsty.

The use of after sun is equally effective. After sunbathing the skin is dehydrated and needs deep hydration. This way it will stay radiant, prolonging, and enhancing your tan.

After all, dehydration of the skin results in dull and dull skin that makes the tan look less.

Cold to lukewarm water in the bathroom

Hot water tends to dehydrate the skin and remove its natural oiliness, which we need.

So if you want to keep your tan for longer, you should reduce the temperature of the water you use in your bathroom and prefer lukewarm to cold.

Moisturizing shower gel

As we have already emphasized, the hydration of the skin is very important. For this reason, you should take care that the cleaning products you use do not dehydrate the skin.

So prefer a moisturizing shower gel, such as those that contain argan oil . And of course after your bath does not neglect the use of cream or body oil.

Mild exfoliation

Although there is a rumor that exfoliation banishes tanning, this is not the case as long as it is done in the right way. Just as necessary in order to keep the skin soft and radiant, highlighting your tan. In fact, it is recommended to do it even before you start tanning.

Therefore, if done in moderation, using mild products, then only the dead cells are removed from the skin and not its surface layer. Once a week is enough to keep the skin beautiful.

On the contrary, a deep exfoliation will drive away from the upper layer of the skin and with it the chocolate color.

How do I maintain my tan? 8 tips for a longer duration

No beauty masks with lemon or other ingredients with whitening properties

In order to maintain your tan longer, you should avoid some beauty masks that have whitening properties, such as those that contain lemon.

The reason is obvious! A whitener will whiten the skin, destroying the chocolate shade of your skin.

Always sunscreen

Tanning can turn into a sunburn if you do not use proper sunscreen.

That is why we never neglect the use of sunscreen with a high protection index, even in our daily activities. Not only on the beach.

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After all, the best tan, which lasts longer, is the one that is achieved slowly and patiently. The sharp and fast chocolate color is often accompanied by skin peeling from the sun.

Nutrition and internal hydration

In addition to the care that helps maintain tanning, diet plays an important role both in achieving it and in increasing its duration.

Foods rich in beta carotene, vitamin A and tyrosine can enhance the production of melanin, which is responsible for tanning. Who are they; Examples include carrot, mango, spinach, sweet potato, and apricot.

Beyond that, there are diet supplements that contain the above ingredients.

It is also very important to increase the hydration of your body from within, drinking enough water daily.

Self tan and tan extenders

Apart from the care tips to keep your tan as long as possible, there is also its enhancement with self-tanning products, such as self-tan and tan extenders. Using them once a week can keep your skin color tanned for longer.

Applying self-tan in combination with your moisturizer (in a ratio of 1: 1 for the body and 1: 3 for the face respectively), you can steal a little more time than the chocolate color of your skin to leave.

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