How do you feel pretty in quarantine?

How do you feel pretty in quarantine? The care of our face and body during the period we stay at home helps us not only to keep our skin beautiful and radiant but also to spend our time beautifully doing pretty. After all, this is something that lifts our pretty in quarantine.

So make the most of your free time by taking care of your skin with simple natural materials that you will find in your kitchen cabinets, but also with commercial cosmetics that you can easily order via the Internet.

Let’s see what we can do during the lockdown period to stay fresh and feel pretty in quarantine without the help of experts.

Facial treatment with deep cleansing and homemade masks

A clean and healthy face without pimples is an important beauty goal for many women, but also an excellent canvas to create a flawless makeup. To achieve this you need to take care of it daily and give it all the nutrients it needs in order for it to remain shiny, soft and smooth.

The first and perhaps most important step in achieving this goal is facial cleansing. More specifically, the daily wash with a mild cleanser ideal for the needs of your skin and the application of moisturizing face cream day and night, as well as eye cream, will help keep your skin beautiful and firm.

But beyond the daily routine, you can do a deeper facial cleansing using once a week a homemade mask, as well as a facial peel.

See in more detail:

Also, during this period, the frequent use of the protection mask has an impact on the skin of our face. But what causes pimples mainly at the point where the mask comes in contact with our face? Discover everything around the so-called acne protection mask and how you can deal with it.

Also learn how to deal with some of the most common facial skin problems:

How do you feel pretty in quarantine?

Beauty body for soft and radiant skin and quarantine skin care tips

In addition to our face, our body naturally needs care. The hydrated, soft, and beautiful skin on the trunk, but also the extremities looks radiant, youthful, and feel pretty in quarantine.

So what are the ways we should take care of our skin so that it does not lose its freshness?

The rich hydration of our body is very important both internally and externally. This means that we should not neglect the consumption of plenty of water – fluids, but also the application of body cream on a daily basis.

But it is equally important once a week to remove dead cells that make the surface of the skin look dull and dull. See in detail the benefits, the right way, but also recipes for homemade body exfoliation.

Beyond that, frequent problems such as cellulite and stretch marks can be significantly reduced in various ways. See examples:

Silky and beautiful feet with proper care

The first thing you can do for immediate relief and care of your feet is a home foot bath with natural recipes or a complete professional pedicure with simple steps.

Beyond that, the key to silky and beautiful legs is the removal of unwanted hair. Learn in more detail the 7 ways for hair removal at home and choose the one that suits you best.

Of course, waxing can provide a smooth skin on the feet, but if not combined with the necessary care, the result will not be as impressive.

Therefore, in addition to hair removal, the right beaute is completed by ridding the skin of dead cells. How do you do that? Just doing a foot exfoliation at home.

How do you feel pretty in quarantine?

Thus, the skin not only prepares for hair removal, helping it to last longer but also stays radiant and beautiful. In fact, it is the No. 1 way to get rid of the annoying black spots on the legs that afflict many women.

Here are some solutions to common foot problems:

Secrets and homemade beauty recipes for well-groomed hands

Due to the weather, but also the constant washing of the hands, we often observe the skin becoming dry. But if we take care of its proper hydration, we can deal with, or even better, prevent this common phenomenon.

To find out the causes of dry and chapped hands, as well as creams or other treatments. Also, check out the recipe for a good homemade glycerin-based hand cream that will help a lot.

The complete beaute at home, however, includes another point of the hands that we often forget to take care of, the elbows. After all, there are women who suffer from black and cracked elbows, as well as dry skin. Find out everything about dry skin on the elbows (causes and treatments).

Of course, well-groomed hands are not possible to feel pretty in quarantine without beautiful nails, so see how you can prevent or deal with fingernails, as well as how to do a professional manicure at home with simple steps.

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