How to apply cosmetics correctly

How to apply cosmetics correctly. What is the right way to apply each of your cosmetics to get the best possible results and results? Cleanser, mask, serum, essence, moisturizing, lotion, eye cream. Are you sure you apply your cosmetics correctly? Let’s see how to apply cosmetics correctly.

Cleaning product

Without it, we do not have glowing and healthy skin. However, most of us think that the process of “rubbing, foaming and immediately rinsing the face” is enough. And yet, all cleansing compositions want their time to effectively activate and remove the pollutants, makeup and environmental contamination particles that have infiltrated the skin.

The correct procedure: Wet the face with water to prepare the skin. Apply the cleanser, irrespective of texture (eg creamy, gel, foam or balm), to the face and neck and gently massage the fingertips for 30 ” to effectively remove the sebum and dead cells that block them resources.

If the cleanser is in the form of an oil, apply it directly on dry skin and massage gently for 3 ” until the makeup begins to dissolve. Then wet your hands and continue the same process. The oil will be emulsified and then easily removed with plenty of water. If you want, you can use a cleaning tool, such as a konjac sponge or electric brush.

Unique exception: If you are using a cleansing emulsion, follow the same procedure without water. Massage your fingertips and then remove the unnecessary amount with a make-up tray.

Massage: Follow the lymph movement to help remove toxins and avoid swelling and “bags” around the eyes. With the tips of your fingers, start from the forehead and continue circular movements to the neck.

Water temperature: Nothing is negligible in the cleaning process. So it is important to rinse with warm water and finish with cold, which will tighten the skin. Avoid hot water which can cause irritation, inflammation and make the delicate formula even more fragile.

Avoid: Apply the detergent directly to the sponge or towel as it will absorb more than necessary, thus wasting the product unnecessarily.


Detoxification, tightening, deep nutrition, hydration, intensive rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle, etc. The list of mask types is long. All contain beneficial and active ingredients to meet the needs of each skin. However, like any cosmetic, the effect it offers depends on the technique applied.

The common mistake: Some masks are textile, some are jars. So to use them we put our fingers inside, which can transmit bacteria and rarely lead to pimples and inflammation.

Proper application: Use a brush or special spatula that may be contained in the mask packaging. It goes without saying that you rinse them thoroughly after application. The appropriate amount of mask is three times the moisturizing cream.

Position it in the skincare process: Apply it after the exfoliation step, where the skin is completely clean and the pores open to absorb the composition.


The toiletries that are popular in Asian toiletries have their own special place in the beauty routine. The water-like product is enriched with a range of extracts and beneficial ingredients that, thanks to their high molecular weight, are instantly absorbed by the skin. The essence of the essence is to prepare the skin and maximize the effect of serum and moisturizing. It is the first product applied after cleansing and exfoliating.

The common mistake: Do not use cotton to apply the essence to the face, as you will waste more than needed. Prefer the application with the palms and tamp movements until it is absorbed. It usually takes only a few seconds. Another solution is to put the product in a spray bottle and spray the face directly with it.

Tonic composition

The same goes for this product. The atoning composition is not only a lotion but also a healing water spray or an antioxidant mist. Its purpose is to restore the pH of the skin after cleansing and to remove salts and other waste components, such as copper, contained in tap water. If you are using toner and essence, then put them in the correct order: First the toner and then, once absorbed, the essence.

What to choose: Judge according to your skin’s needs. If you have an acne problem, then opt for a salicylic acid tonic, which gently exfoliates and deeply cleanses. On the contrary, the dry skin will love a hyaluronic acid composition that will magnetize the moisture inside the skin.

Moisturizing cream

Most of us devote a few seconds, virtually “disrupting” the composition on our face and neglecting the neck. However, the key part in the “moisturizing” section is not only what we choose, but also the right massage technique, which will help the product absorb and at the same time relieve tension in the facial muscles and prevent expression wrinkles. Optionally you can use a gem roller to stimulate blood circulation. However, the classical method of hands is also sufficient.

Muscle Relaxation Massage:

1. After applying the moisturizer uniformly on the face, pinch the cheeks with the forefinger and thumb. This will relieve the pressure on the muscles associated with the smile and smooth the nasal expression wrinkles.

2. Use the ends of the two markers to alternate the S shape in the center of the eyebrows, where the wrinkles appear.

3. With the soft part of the palm underneath the thumb, squeeze the cheeks upward toward the cheekbones, starting at the pinch line.
The procedure, which lasts about 30 ”, will have significant effects on the smoothing of the expression wrinkles and will help the moisturizer to absorb effectively.

Serum or booster

Compared to moisturizing cream, the composition of serum has a much higher concentration of valuable ingredients. Proper implementation is therefore important.

What to watch for: When using a new active ingredient containing, for example, retinol, start with a half dose from the pump and gradually increase the amount to two or three doses as the skin becomes more tolerant.

Proper application: Apply one or two doses of the pump across the face tamponing, starting from the center of the face to the hairline, and then applying anything left over the neck. Insist on areas that are prone to fine lines and wrinkles, such as the forehead and around the mouth.

Position in the grooming process: It enters after cleansing, exfoliating, toning and essence. And before the mask or moisturizing.

Eye cream

The last but not least step in daily care is to take care of the most fragile area of ​​the face.

Proper application: Apply the specialized composition temporally on the upper eyelid and the black circle area, with the index and middle fingertips. Insist on the fine lines and the goosefoot. Then apply light pressure under the eyes and on the line of the movable eyelid under the eyebrow bone to activate the lymph and fight “pouches” and swelling.

How to apply cosmetics correctly

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