How to choose a face cream that is right for your Skin?

How to choose a face cream that is right for your Skin? How to choose a face cream by Determining the type of skin at home, choosing the right cream on the label and learning how to properly store it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.  How to do this correctly..?

Find out your own skin type right at home

Before choosing a face cream or any cosmetic product, it is better to consult a specialist. Indeed, today the main advantage of the cream is not the absorption rate, but the presence of properties that allow you not to harm the skin. The cream should be selected in accordance with age, contain active ingredients for normal operation. It is good when it allows you to combine healing characteristics with care functions. That is why, for starters, it is so important to determine the type of skin.

For the experiment, you need an ordinary napkin. It is necessary to cleanse your face from cosmetics and wash with baby soap. After 2 hours, after restoring the natural lubrication of the integument, it is necessary to press the napkin to the face, then remove it and analyze the results.

If oily spots are imprinted in the areas of the forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks, it means that the skin is of a greasy type. The presence of weak spots only in the areas of the forehead, nose, and chin indicates a normal type. If very greasy spots were printed on paper, but they are present only in the forehead, nose, and chin, then we can talk about the combined type. The absence of such prints throughout the face indicates a tendency to dryness.

After determining the type of skin, it’s time to get the right product.

We read the label in the store before choosing a face cream

The doctor recommends choosing a cream in a pharmacy. In this case, the product has passed all the necessary tests and it is likely that it will not harm.

All cosmetic companies use one principle without exception. The first ingredient on the label is the one whose content in the cream dominates. For example, if you bought a cream with avocado oil, and this oil is indicated at the end of a long list of cream components, then the content of avocado is low. It should not even be taken into account.

The doctor explains that in the first place in the composition of any cream, as a rule, there is water, it makes up 70-80% of the substance.

Among other things, the presence of formaldehyde is considered harmful. It is a carcinogenic and toxic substance. It can lead to skin aging, allergic and skin diseases. Cream, which contains this component, is better not to take.

Unfortunately, formaldehyde is not always written on the label, sometimes manufacturers hide this ingredient under other names: tosylamide resin, dioxane, glycinate. That is why, when reading the composition, you need to be especially careful. When choosing a cream, it is also important to consider your age and individual characteristics of the body. 

It is believed that dividing the cream into day and night is better from the age of after 30. Do you agree with this statement?

Here you should focus only on yourself. Sometimes it will be justified to use a night cream, starting from 25 years. In other cases, the skin allows you to do without a night cream and after 30, turning to it only in the winter.

Do not neglect the night cream for young ladies 20-25 years old who have skin problems (acne or pimples). Properly selected night cream – light, moisturizing, with a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effect – will help improve skin condition.

After 30, night skincare should really become more active. You can use creams for the prevention of aging, which contain peptides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, natural oils. Compared to the day cream, nighttime has a high concentration of nutrients. Often, it does not just improve the condition of the skin but is aimed at solving a problem – dryness, fine wrinkles, redness.

A day cream is a must-have. Its purpose is to protect the skin from the harmful effects, moisturizing, as well as the foundation of makeup. This cosmetic product is usually not oily and consists of up to 60-80% of water. In the winter, apply day cream at least half an hour before release.

With the night almost the same. By the end of the day, our blood flow slows down, and our tendency to swelling increases. That is why it is better to use night cream at least an hour before bedtime. Moreover, in both cases, we must not forget that periodically the cream must be changed.

Observe the skin and change the cream if necessary

Most often, they recommend changing the cream once every six months. However, this process is individual. The most important thing is to observe the skin and take into account its new needs.

If the cream is matched by age, does not cause peeling, dryness, this is already good. You should also pay attention to whether its texture suits you, do you like the aroma? If everything is in order, you can use it for a long time. However, sooner or later, physiological cumulation (addiction) will occur. This is manifested in the fact that we no longer feel the same effect as before.

I advise you not to go in cycles on one cream and the cosmetic line, but to change cosmetics if necessary. Do not forget that the product must be used within 1-1.5 months. It is for such a period that the number of preservatives that manufacturers add to the cream is calculated.

Store cream properly

The proper functioning of cosmetics is influenced by the methods of its storage.

Optimally comfortable environment for the cream – from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. Also important is the lack of moisture and sunlight.

It is convenient to store face cream in the bathroom. Always at hand and away from the mirror, usually not far. However, high humidity is not the best companion of such cosmetics. Steam and condensate can harm the active substances in creams.

At elevated temperatures, the texture of the cream worsens, an unpleasant odor may appear, and even if the expiration date has not expired, it can be discarded. According to the cosmetologist, one should not allocate a place for creams in the refrigerator. Not only high but also too low temperatures are harmful to them.

Using even the most expensive creams, it is important to remember that it is almost impossible to remove wrinkles only with them. All the same, you need the intervention of a cosmetologist. Creams, with the help of the proper application, can only delay the appearance of wrinkles for a decent period. The main thing is not to be lazy and carry out a care program every day – moisturizing in the morning, nutrition in the evening.

How to choose a face cream that is right for your Skin?

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