How to choose a shampoo

How to choose a shampoo. The shampoo is an essential hair care product, we all know this. But there are also some things you may not know about your shampoo that you won’t find written on the product packaging. The  learned these “secrets” and tells you what …

These 10 things you will learn today about your shampoo will help you get softer and more beautiful hair than ever.

1. It is important to choose the right shampoo

Depending on your hair, shampoo should also be chosen. For example, if you have fine hair you need volume shampoo, moisturizing shampoo for thick hair, etc.

2. We all need shampoos for deep cleansing where and where

If your hair no longer responds to products, feels too dry or you get dandruff, use shampoo for deep cleansing and you will get rid of all these problems.

3. Blondes need shampoo for deep cleansing more often

If you have dyed blond hair or generally dye your hair, you need more frequent cleaning, since the dyes contain chemicals that favor all the problems mentioned above.

4. The shampoos expire after two to three years

Although they do not really “break down” after their expiration date, it is a fact that they stop functioning as well as they should.

5. Shampooing on the head helps the hair stay  healthy

When bathing your hair make a good light massage to the head and will help the blood flow to the hair faster.

6. You do not need to put too much shampoo

The “right” amount is about a quarter of your palm. If you put more in, it will create more foam, making it difficult to massage your head.

7. Water temperature is important

Washing with very warm water will leave your hair dry and tired. Try washing with warm water and rinse the shampoo with cold. Coldwater closes the pores and thus keeps the hair glowing.

8. The price of shampoo does not matter

“Professional” shampoos do not always work better than simple ones. So ignore the price of the product and focus on its features.

9. The “dry” shampoo works best at night

Do you know these shampoos (usually in sprays) that do not need rinsing? So these work best at night, since sleeping gives your hair time to absorb the product, so you wake up with shiny, bulky hair.

10. You can make shampoos yourself

Mix baking soda, vinegar and water to make odorless shampoos that do not contain the chemicals found in many shampoos on the market.

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