How to choose shoe size

How to choose shoe size. Some people wear the wrong shoe number without knowing it and this can sooner or later cause serious problems.

The simplest of these is foot pain, a feeling of tiredness, like calluses or a kick in the heel. There are, of course, far more important problems, such as finger and toe deformities.

So are you sure you are wearing the right shoe size? A key element in choosing the right couple is its shape. There are often small deviations in the order of 1/2 from company to company.

To avoid getting into the mistake of buying a pair smaller or larger that will end up somewhere in your closet, you can find the right shoe size in a very easy way.

What shoe number do I wear?

Quite simply, based on the correspondence with the centimeter in the length of the shoe and the size of the shoe, you can find the right size.

Below you will find the steps to measure the length of the shoe and match it to the European (US), US (US), English (UK) shoe numbers.

But before you start measuring, you need to know some basic tips to help you make the right choice in shoe size.

  • It is preferable to do the measurement in the afternoon, as the legs swell during the day. Therefore, a morning measurement may not be accurate and the size of the shoe you find will eventually narrow.
  • If you are looking for the right number on a sneaker or any other type of sock, it is advisable to measure the sock with the sock.

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How do we measure the correct shoe size?

  1. Load paper on a flat surface.
  2. Sit on a chair and rest your foot on the paper. If you want you can do the measurement upright.
  3. With the help of a pen, pencil or marker, draw the outline of the toe as close as you can.
  4. Using a ruler, make a straight parallel to the heel, which rests at its lowest point.
  5. Then draw another line parallel to the first one touching the big finger.
  6. Measure the vertical distance of the two lines and this is the length of your foot in centimeters.
  7. If the centimeters you get correspond to two numbers, select the largest.
  8. It is advisable to repeat the measurement on the other leg, as there are often slight deviations.
  9. The size of the shoes you wear is the one that corresponds to your biggest shoe.

Beyond that, the ideal shoe size has to do with the width of the shoe. Many times we make the mistake of not paying attention to it, resulting in lateral pressure. Ideally, you should also measure the centimeters on the left side of the right foot, at the widest point.

However, there are few companies that mention the width of the shoe so you can be sure of it.

Table showing the shoe numbers in centimeters

How to choose shoe size

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