How to choose soap with skin type

How to choose soap with skin type. As you may have noticed in both supermarkets and cosmetics stores soaps have dozens of different types. There are soaps specific to each skin type and soaps that have a specific use.

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But apart from their beneficial properties and the reason for their existence, soaps have different shapes, fragrances, and textures.

So what are the right soaps for you depending on your skin type?

Check out the following soap types and learn about their beneficial properties.

Classic soaps:

These are so-called hard soaps whose pH is high and reaches about 10. These soaps can easily irritate sensitive skin that tends to blush. They can also make dry skins look even smoother and even more glossy.

Antibacterial soaps:

Antibacterial soaps are intended for use on the hands or feet. Of course, they should not be abused, because this kind of soap dehydrates the skin very quickly. Therefore, they should be used occasionally.

Hypoallergenic soaps:

If you have oily skin it is advisable to use hypoallergenic soaps. These are ideal for you because they do not block the pores of the skin, unlike creamy soaps, which are particularly rich in fat and are not suitable for your situation.

Rich Moisturizing Soaps:

If your skin is very dry, then you need a rich moisturizing and pure soap. These cleansing soaps slightly change the pH of your skin and help it recover faster. At the same time, they keep it permanently protected from any kind of deterioration.

Extra Moisturizing Soaps:

Extra moisturizing soaps usually have the shea butter as their main ingredient. This is precisely what makes them especially good for sensitive skin.

Exfoliating soaps:

These soaps help remove dead cells as they contain cereal grains such as oats. They are suitable for mature and dry skin.

Enriched soaps:

Enriched soaps are those that have as their main ingredient honey and milk. These two natural ingredients make your skin healthy and beautiful in the best way.

How to choose soap with skin type

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