How to cover properly skin discoloration on face

How to cover properly skin discoloration on face. Every woman’s dream is a flawless face. Unfortunately, this is actually scarce because black circles, reds, and acne are in the game. One hard day there is no chance of leaving her fingerprint and she will usually do it in person.

Fortunately for us, the dream does not come true. With the cover provided by a good makeup or an excellent concealer the situation is often saved and you get the result you want. But what about other times when not even the most covert make up on the market is enough? When do discolorations appear even after two layers of foundation, powder and whatever else you have available?

You use the color correcting method, of course! And you don’t even have to be a makeup artist to do it. The method is so simple that the result will seem paradoxical. So read on below to learn how to properly cover persistent discoloration on the face with makeup.

To cover the black circles

Even if you have lost your sleep worrying about your future or your obligations, the next day you do not need to show it. You can have the freshness of an eight-hour sleep in simple steps. Normally put the primer on but leave your usual concealer aside.

Instead, under your eyes making an inverted triangle shape, use a concealer in shades of red. The lighter your skin, the lighter the shade of red will suit you.

This method is based on the color circle. The blue slopes of the black circles will be neutralized with the red hue. Before laying your base, remember to gradually erase the triangle with a sponge.

To cover the pants and the black spots

Accordingly, you will also act on the other discolorations that have appeared on your skin. Whether freckles on the cheeks or blackheads can easily be knockouts.

Use some of your yellow concealer again with the same method to eliminate any unwanted spots. Remember the primer, the appropriate concealer, the erase and the base. Any discoloration as if it never existed.

To cover the redness on the face

Another temporary flaw is the redness on the face. They are often caused either by a skin condition, such as dry skin or acne, either after a thorough cleansing, or simply because this is how you wake up that day. Whatever the case, the situation is as follows. You wake up and when you see the redheads on your face you don’t want to go anywhere.

Now with color-correcting, you will have nothing to fear. Specifically, to cover the reds all you need is a green shade concealer to put on the essentials.

Good quality collectors in different colors. So this was our suggestion to properly cover the discoloration on your face with your cosmetics. Easy and convenient, this trick of makeup artists will save you on a daily basis.

How to cover properly skin discoloration on face

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