How to delay Wrinkles

How to delay Wrinkles. You may still be a little concerned about wrinkles, but now you have to take care of the condition of your skin in the future. You can easily delay the signs of time without spending time and money just by paying a little bit of daily scrutiny. let’s see How to delay Wrinkles

Change sides

Did you know that sleeping in a hug can cause you wrinkles? And yet. Pressing your face daily on the pillow is likely to get permanent lines. Regular posture or frequent changes in posture during sleep is a good solution. You can also replace your cotton pads with silk that is softer and does not hurt your skin.

Remember: The most important thing is good sleep. Lack of sleep at night can cause irreparable damage to your skin, since then the most important skin renewal and repair.

Sweet sins

Unfortunately, sugar is the cause of many bad ones. Apart from the extra pounds you can hardly lose, it can cause microbial inflammation in the cells, causing wrinkles, loosening, and uneven color. Do not lack sweet sweeteners, simply enrich your diet with fruits rich in antioxidants to counteract the negative effects of sugar.

In your health, but in moderation

Your skin after a night out and alcohol are not so fresh. It is dehydrated and improper hydration causes fine lines. Use a cream or serum with vitamin C.

My son, my sun
Did you know that the effects of the sun are cumulative from your childhood? Indeed it is. That’s why your SPF cream is as dark as you need it to be. The more exposed you are to the sun, the more intense the scars will be on your skin in the future. If these scars are already visible, use a retinol night cream that will repair your skin.

Don’t wait for them to appear first

You can protect your skin by using products that fit your age and skin from now on. Use moisturizing cream with SPF or cosmetics with antioxidants (such as Vitamin E) to neutralize free radicals, which is the root cause of premature aging. After all, these products will improve the quality and color of your skin and make-up will look better.

Remember: It is easier to prevent wrinkles than to erase them when they appear.

The more expensive, the better?

It is a myth that expensive toiletries are even more effective. Even the most economical of lesser-known companies that we find in pharmacies or supermarkets have anti-aging properties. To choose the right product, look not at price but its composition: retinol, A hydroxy, vitamin C, glycolic acid.

Don’t be afraid and let it snap

It is normal for some anti-aging products to “pinch” or tickle you during application. This is due to the component A hydroxy included. Redness and irritation recede within half an hour. But if they persist then the product is too strong for your skin. Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser and apply it with some cortisone lotion to relieve it (avoiding eye area). If the irritation does not subside again, consult your dermatologist immediately.

Do it right

Anti-aging creams must be used correctly otherwise there is a risk of acne. How to Avoid It: Apply exactly the amount of cream you need to cover your face and neck. No more will you burden your skin and your pocket.

Tip: Don’t mix too many products together. A product with anti-aging action is enough to prevent wrinkles. To combat acne and fine lines of the face, a cream with retinol is enough to expel dead cells and aid the process of cell renewal. Remember to keep your skin hydrated winter-summer. Let water become your best friend and you will appreciate its beneficial properties.

How to delay Wrinkles

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