How to do professional makeup on yourself

How to do professional makeup on yourself. One of the main allies in makeup has its secrets. It gives you shine, makes you look cooler and more relaxed than ever when you have only been sleeping for 2 hours, covers small marks and pimples and disappears the dark circles in at time! emergency accessory.

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But do you know everything about the concessionaire? Learn his 4 secrets for fantastic coverage and perfect results:

1. Can I wear it before makeup?

Yes, you can wear it before the make-up if you want to give it a slight glow and have no problem with dark circles. Most of the time, we choose to put it above the base for better coverage, always keeping in mind that the shades of the two products are not too divergent.

2. Console and mobile eyelid?

Use a small amount of concealer as a shade for light glare on the eyelid. If you want to do natural beauty makeup tips, this product is perfect to brighten your look.

3. Concierge and for pimples?

Yes, it can cover that red pimple that annoys you but you have to choose the right product. So opt for more solid compactors, which come in the form of compacts or tubes, and spread with your fingers before laying the base for perfect coverage.

4. Proper implementation?

The way the console is implemented plays an important role in the end result. The best way is to apply it with your fingers because it helps you get the perfect coverage. It started below the inner corner of the eyes and spread gently and tampons to the outer corner. Never scrub the console and make sure you cover all the areas you want so that the result looks uniform.

How to do professional makeup on yourself

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