How to do waxing at home without pain

How to do waxing at home without pain. Removing unwanted hair from the body, face, and bikini is an issue that is of concern to all women, especially during the summer months. This can be done by many different methods, such as razor, wax, halva, depilatory creams, and machines. All of these techniques lead to temporary hair removal. What differentiates them, however, is not only the process but also the duration they offer.

Waxing is one method that beats the problem to its root. It lasts for about 4-6 weeks and the skin is soft and smooth. In fact, after repeated application of the wax, the hair is weakened, thinned out and slows down. It works like a halo , which is a natural product of sugar and honey.

So if you are looking for a long-lasting hair removal method that is economical and does not cut, the wax is a great solution. It may be a little painful, but “what a pain it is”! In addition, there are some secrets that can make the process more tolerable without affecting the end result. We will look in more detail below.

So use wax on both the body (legs, hands, armpits, back, and abdomen), as well as the face or bikini to get rid of the frequent and annoying problem of unwanted hair. In commerce, you will find it in three basic forms: cold, hot or wax strips. All three are equally effective, just find out what suits you and try it.

How to do waxing on my own (hot, cold or ready for waxing)

Let’s look at exactly what each form of waxing is and the procedure for applying it.

All types of wax are applied and removed by approximately the same procedure. The steps are simple, but care is taken to avoid side effects such as burns, irritation, folliculitis or any infection.

So it is advisable to exfoliate the spots where you are going to remove unwanted hair the day before waxing. This will remove dead cells and avoid the hairs that grow inside. Then moisturize the area well to stay soft and soften the hairs. However, be careful not to apply the cream on the day of hair removal because the wax will not stick.

How to do waxing at home without pain

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Apply the product to the hair.
  2. You squeeze it a little to adhere well, always moving in the direction of the hair.
  3. With one hand tighten the skin well and pull the wax or tape abruptly in a movement counterclockwise to the hair.
  4. If not all hairs are removed the first time, go further and come back to the same spot later. This will avoid irritation.
  5. Although 1-2 hairs remain scattered after the second pull, remove them with the tweezers.
  6. After you have finished waxing, apply a little body oil or oily cream to remove the wax residue and apply a moisturizing – soothing cream.

Hot wax applied with a spatula and removed with strips

The warm wax waxes the skin by pulling the hairs from their roots. The result is soft skin for about 4-6 weeks and slowly this period increases as the hair become weaker and slow down.

This product is heated and melted in a ben Marie or microwave oven, as indicated on each package. It is then applied to the skin with the help of a spatula as the hair grows. On top of that, the special film hangs again with moves in the direction of hair growth.

There is also a hot wax in a roll, which is mainly used on large surfaces such as the feet, hands, back, etc. This product is heated and melted in special devices, so-called candles.

What you need to keep in mind is the temperature of the wax before putting it on your skin. It should not be too hot because it will cause burns. It must be fused, but not vaporized.

Hot beads waxed by hand or tablets without strips

In addition to the classic form of hot wax removable with wax strips, there is also vegetable lubricant wax. This product comes out by hand and you will usually find it in tablets or beads. Applies to the skin after first being melted in a ben Marie or microwave oven. Then let it dry and remove it with a sharp pull against the direction of hair growth. To make it easier to pull out the dry wax, make sure to create a small scroll where you can grab it to pull it out.

How to do waxing at home without pain

It is a high-performance product and is ideal for all skin types. It can be used just as effectively on sensitive skin as the armpit or bikini area.

If you are warming the wax to tablets or beads, but have not got the perfect fluid form, warm it up a bit. However, if it is still hot, let it cool down and take a skin temperature tolerant before using it.

One thing to keep in mind is that overheating the hot wax by hand can reduce its effectiveness. Let’s see How to do waxing at home without pain.

Facial, body and bikini waxing cold wax strips

It is usually in the form of a paste or gel and is applied without heating in a ben Marie or microwave oven, simply taking the desired temperature by rubbing it between the hands. Although it is called cold wax, there are many cases that it is a chemical and does not have the same effectiveness.

Cold wax depilatory films are one of the easiest and safest suggestions you can find even in supermarkets.

Their implementation is simple. Warm the tape by rubbing it between your hands, then fold it in two and glue it tightly to the skin as the hair grows. Then grasp it at one end and remove it with a sharp move, making a move contrary to the growth of the hair. That’s it! Apply your moisturizer and enjoy your silky skin.

Tips to reduce wax pain

  • Avoid waxing wax a week before your period, especially in bikini and armpits. The skin in those days is more sensitive and the pain from pulling will be more intense.
  • You do not need to epilate once the smallest hair appears. Not only will you not be able to remove them, as the wax will not catch them, but you will irritate the skin and create redness.
  • The hairs should be at least 2-3 mm long. Be careful, however, not to be too big, because then pulling becomes more painful. If they are too long, be sure to scrub them first.
  • Do not forget to peel the area 1-2 days before the procedure.
  • Consumption of caffeine and alcohol sensitizes the skin and intensifies the pain. Therefore it is advisable to avoid them before the procedure.
  • Take a warm shower before waxing. This will not only keep your skin clean and avoid contamination but will open up the pores, making hair removal more painless.
  • A good solution to avoid intense pain is to be distracted. So don’t focus on pull motion. Make sure you do something else, for example, listen to your favorite music.
  • Also beneficial is the numbness of the area with ice, xylocaine cream or similar products.
  • Equally effective is taking painkillers half an hour before the procedure.
  • Waxing should not be done in areas with irritation, bruising or burns.
  • And of course forget the razor, because it disrupts hair growth. This will make hair removal painful.

What to do and what not to do after waxing

How to do waxing at home without pain is not easy.

  • Immediately after the waxing process, apply some vegetable oil to remove the wax residue from the skin.
  • Then apply a moisturizing cream with soothing properties to soothe the skin.
  • If the point where your hair is going to be exposed to the sun, apply sunscreen.
  • Wear loose and cotton underwear. This will prevent friction and waxed skin will breathe without irritating.
  • Because the pores are open after waxing, avoid exposure to warm environments, such as the sauna, hot tub, and gym. Sweating facilitates the spread of bacteria.
  • After waxing do not use deodorant or anything containing fragrances, because the skin becomes more sensitive.

How to do waxing at home without pain

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  • It is not easy to do at home without pain. However using those technics, i have tested and now i now how to do waxing at home without pain.
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  • How to do waxing at home without pain. Removing unwanted hair from the body, face, and bikini is an issue that is of concern to all women, especially during the summer months.


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