How to dye your hair at home

How to dye your hair at home? Even some famous people admit that they dye their hair on their own. What can we say about us, mere mortals. Becoming a colorist is easy if you use our tips.It is better to leave a back massage and a haircut to a professional, but home dyeing can turn out to be a success: subject to all the rules and the choice of high-quality products for dyeing.

How to dye your hair at home

Addressing the master is unconditionally worthwhile in those cases when you want to radically change your image: from a brunette turn into a blonde, from a blonde into a brunette or master a bright red tone. Highlighting, coloring, ombre and other types of creativity on your head can also be an impossible task for you. But to update the color, paint over the gray hair, refresh the tone-on-tone color, lighten by 1-2 tones or, conversely, you can become a little darker in an affordable home salon.

What to paint?

Permanent paints are a traditional type of dye with the most aggressive, but also the most effective composition. To significantly change the color or completely paint over gray hair, choose them.

Semi-resistant dyes often do not contain ammonia and therefore are considered more sparing, but they also wash off much faster than persistent dyes.

Toning paints do not penetrate deep into the hair but color the top layer, therefore they are as friendly as possible to curls. They are well suited for color experiments, tone-on-tone staining, and masking colorist errors. They are washed off very quickly – they are enough for only a few headaches.

Natural colors (henna and Basma) are harmless, but they have a small color palette: only variations from red to black can be obtained.

What do you need?

  • Glass or plastic container for mixing paint components;
  • A brush for applying paint with a pointed tip, which is convenient for parting;
  • disposable gloves;
  • Large plastic hair clips.

Allergy Testing

If you are trying a new manufacturer’s products or dyeing your hair for the first time, it is advisable to start with an allergy test: apply a little paint to the end of the elbow and wait 24 hours. If itching, burning, redness of the skin do not bother you, you can start painting.


1. Before grabbing alkali and peroxide, it would be nice to have one or more wellness sessions for the hair. To restore curls, manufacturers offer special serums and oils before staining. But the use of your usual nourishing mask will help your hair easier to transfer the procedure.

2. For short and medium (but thin) hair, one package of paint is enough. For long and medium, but thick hair will have to double the dose. Half the tube is enough for staining the roots.

3. The day before painting, wash your hair and do not use styling products. Permanent paints are applied to dry hair. A small amount of sebum will protect the scalp from aggressive substances. Toning agents are applied to clean washed hair, dried with a towel.

4. In order not to spoil the clothes, get a special towel for painting or put on an old T-shirt.

Colorist herself

  • Divide the hair into four zones: from ear to ear and from forehead to nape, parting with the back of the brush or comb. Pin hair with plastic hair clips.
  • Wear gloves. Mix the dye and oxidizing agent in a bowl in the proportions given in the package instructions to a homogeneous state.
  • Now, on your own or with the help of mom/girlfriend, paint the roots (even if you have a natural color). If there is gray hair, then first paint over the problem areas, and then all the remaining hair. After processing the hairline along the parting, tackle the strands. Separate thin tufts of hair 5-7 cm wide and paint over with a brush, starting from the basal zone.
  • Using a second mirror, check to see if the ink is evenly distributed on the back of the head.
  • Wait for the recommended time in the instructions (usually 15 to 30 minutes) and rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. Sometimes manufacturers put indelible serum into the kit – it closes the hair scales and partially neutralizes the alkali, prolonging the staining resistance.
  •  Dry your hair with a hairdryer or naturally and enjoy the result!

If you need to tint only the regrown hair roots, distribute the composition to the roots, and after 20 minutes, apply along the entire length of the hair with a plastic comb with rare teeth or a hand, and leave for another 10 minutes.

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How to dye your hair at home

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