How to be a photogenic

How to be a photogenic. If photogeneity is not your trump, you need not despair or avoid photos like hell the incense.

Here are some tips to help you show yourself better and capture unique moments in your life. Lets see How to be a photogenic.

Tips to be a photogenic

Avoid the double-jaw:

The key to this factor is the position of the camera. The lens should be at the height of your eyes or even higher. You can even bend your knees if you are taller than the photographer if needed. Otherwise, sit on a chair and look up at the camera. Make sure your jaw protrudes more than usual, so you will have the impression that your neck is longer.

Twist Your Head:

Twist your head lightly at an angle ¾ and you’ll be clearly more charming. This attitude will be especially helpful if you have large or fast-moving ears.

Don’t smile-laugh

Imposing on yourself a fake restrained smile can make you look even worse than if you didn’t laugh at all. Remember a funny joke, a funny video or just think of something or someone that makes you happy – then your natural spontaneous smile will come out and make you look great.

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Blinking red eyes:

Just before the photo is taken, turn your eyes to a source of light (to God, not to the sun). This movement will shrink the pupil of the eye and reduce the incidence of red eyes. Many models in photography use the following technique: they have their eyes closed and when they hear the photographer’s mouth they open wide.

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Ideal makeup:

The camera flash can often be pale, which means you have to pay attention to your makeup. To show your teeth white, choose a lipstick a little brighter than you usually wear. To accentuate your cheekbones or to make your nose appear smaller, use a darker make-up tone in this area.

Get a pose

If you want to look thinner, ask the photographer to pull you in from a higher angle to focus on your face. Also, put one foot behind the other and twist your shoulders so that they are at a different angle than your head. Remember that movement is your ally. Put your hands on your hips and laugh, let your personality shine through some activity and you will be amazed at how much more photogenic you will look. Finally, don’t look straight into the camera and you’ll add an artistic note to the moment.

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