How To Get Perfect Nude Makeup

How To Get Perfect Nude Makeup. The nude makeup has become your beloved kitten is not excessive and brings out your natural beauty. It is makeup for blonde and brown but you can do it from morning till night.

The  gives you tips and makeup secrets to achieving the perfect nude look, step by step:

Face cleaning

Do a good facial cleanser so that there are no residues from your previous makeup and no grease.


Nude makeup cannot stand without perfectly hydrated skin. Put on your moisturizing cream and wait for it to absorb well into your skin before you start anything else.

Take care of your eyebrows

Before you start your base, don’t forget to naturally accentuate your eyebrows or brush them properly. Use a pencil near the natural color of your eyebrows to fill any gaps they have, or put a transparent eyebrow mask.

Cover the imperfections on your face

In nude makeup, no imperfections can occur. It should always be flawless. Make sure you cover the black circles very well if you have the right console in the right amount. You have to work very well with the concealer you put on to avoid unwanted tints in your makeup. Cover the pimples and redness that your skin may have with a different concealer slightly yellow than your normal one and work just as well. Use lightweight and well-covered products to suit your skin. After you are done with your makeup, take a wide brush and powder all over your face with a transparent powder.

Add color to your perfect nude makeup

Highlight your cheekbones with a light and neutral blush. From the same blush, you will put your eyes under your eyebrow bone. If you want your skin to look slightly tanned, use terracotta blush.

Eyeshadows, mascara, and pencil

You will need two shades of color for nude makeup. Cream and light brown. Apply all your eyelids with the cream to brighten your look and with the light brown make an outer corner with a small makeup brush to open your look. Don’t forget to work well to the point where the two shades come together. After finishing with the shadows, apply two to three layers of brown or black mascara to your lashes starting at the base. cross the inside lower eyelid with a white pencil that will make your eyes look bigger. If you already have big eyes you can get a black pencil just the result will not be so natural.

Of course, highlight your lips

Outline your lips with the pencil of your nude lipstick. After tamping your lips with powder, put your lipstick on and prefer it to earthy nude shades.

How To Get Perfect Nude Makeup

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