How to Get rid of blackheads

How to Get rid of blackheads: What determines the condition of your skin, why there are rashes on the shoulders and back, and most importantly – where to start the fight against acne.

2/3 skin condition depends on lifestyle

Previously, it was believed that one of the main causes of acne is heredity. Like, if parents have acne, then their children are more likely to have these manifestations. This is explained by the fact that if a person has a hereditary predisposition to excessive production of androgens (male sex hormones), this entails hypersecretion of sebum.

However, recent studies have shown that the condition of your skin is only a third dependent on a genetic predisposition, the remaining 2/3 is a way of life, and especially nutrition. Frequent consumption of foods with a high glycemic index, such as white bread and buns, dates, fried potatoes, chocolate, cereals in milk, chips, bananas, sugar, etc., is bad for the health of the body. But a large amount of fiber in the diet, which is rich in oatmeal, whole grain bread, legumes, on the contrary, has a beneficial effect.

Another factor that also affects the number of comedones and acne is stress. In our crazy life, this factor is the most difficult to insure against. Stress triggers a hormonal reaction: active sweating increased production of fat and increased amounts of androgens.

If your face is clean and your back, chest, or shoulders are affected

On the face, chest and upper back there is the largest number of sebaceous glands, so most often it is here that inflammation of the skin ducts appears.

To understand the cause of the rash, you first need to pay attention to what cosmetics you apply to the skin. It may well be that your facial treatment has a beneficial effect on the skin, and, for example, the gel that you use to wash your body does not suit you at all. Or, in principle, your skin needs additional care in areas where acne appears.

By the way, some detergents, which are used by housewives in the kitchen to wash dishes, have a similar composition with cosmetic “washes”, gels, and so on. This is due to the fact that manufacturers of both products set one task – to wash off more fat. But, removing fat, we break the lipid layer – and this is a vicious vicious circle because the more carefully you remove fat from the face, the more active it is the production of sebum.

Oily skin and oil creams – why not … YES?

In 1984, one of the American scientists conducted a study on comedogenicity – the ability of substances to cause the formation of comedones or, as they often say, blackheads. It is from this work, in my opinion, that I dislike oil creams.

The experiment was conducted on the sensitive ears of a white rabbit. It turned out that some oils diluted 1:10 with propylene glycol caused acne in the rabbit. Therefore, according to the results of this experiment, they began to believe that a person with oily skin, which is prone to acne, should not use oil creams.

However, today it is reliably known that the occurrence of comedones is associated with irritating substances, and if a person is allergic to chamomile, then it is the presence of chamomile in the cream (and not the conditional oil from the abstract list of comedogenic substances) that will be a comedogenic factor. And, accordingly, the trigger for the formation of acne.

By the way, if you bought a new cream or any other cosmetic product and noticed an explosion of rashes on your skin after applying it, you should not think that it’s normal, that the skin will get used to it, or, as it often happens, they think that it’s a “deep cleaning” going on. No. The product is likely to have substances that are irritating to you. It’s better not to use this tool anymore.

Where to start the fight against acne

First – you need to normalize your diet, reduce the amount of sugar and animal fats consumed.

Second – try to monitor the acidity of the skin. If your skin is oily, then pH is higher than normal. In this case, you need to bring it to pH 5-5.5. To do this, you can wash yourself with acidified water, since the alkaline environment of tap water (pH of running water in Minsk is about 8) provokes an imbalance of microflora on the skin. City water will not do much harm to a person with a normal lipid barrier of the skin, but those who have problems should better complete the cleansing procedure with a properly balanced tonic or acidified water.

The most primitive tonic can be this: dilute half a teaspoon of 5% apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to half a liter of tap water. Acidity can be checked on the tongue – the solution should be slightly acidic. Although, of course, it is more correct to check the acidity of the resulting solution with a measuring tool – a pH meter or use a ready-made tonic. Wash or wipe your face with acidified water throughout the day, and apply a night cream at night.

It is also useful to prepare decoctions of calendula or chamomile, adding a little apple cider vinegar to them according to the same principle.

Third – add Omega 3-6-9 to the diet. These essential fatty acids are practically a panacea. With age, they must be taken necessarily, but do not forget about the correct dosage, do not abuse. Plus, of course, do not forget to include fish in the diet. Of course, not all of this will reach the skin, but at least you feed the whole body – which is very important.  

Let’s feed the skin with, for example, evening primrose oil and camelina oil. In most cases, the onset of inflammation goes away if the blackcurrant seed oil is spotted on the problem area. But I would not recommend applying clean oils to the entire surface of the face. It is better to limit the application to the point, and, ideally, use creams that contain these oils. Of course, they should be as balanced as possible in terms of the fatty acid composition recommended for your skin condition.

Also, try not to rub yourself with a washcloth. Places, where rashes are present, are very sensitive, so a rough effect on them will only increase their size and area. Cleansing should be gentle, best cosmetic milk, made on the basis of slowly absorbing oils or tonic with a low pH, but in no case a lotion with alcohol.

And, of course, it is impossible to squeeze out acne. There is a high probability that scars will remain and the infection will spread. Black dots are still possible. Acne is not allowed.

Girls often in pursuit of beautiful skin begin to use birth control pills …

There may be an effect of taking hormonal drugs. But to climb into the body so crudely and so deeply, pursuing purely cosmetic goals, in my opinion, is impossible. There can be more side effects in the end than positive results.

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