How to get rid of dark circles

How to get rid of dark circles with the right makeup products? One of the most common and quite annoying skin problems that concern us is dark circles. But it is not something that is not easily solved, as there are many natural ways to treat dark circles under the eyes, but also the top weapon of women’s beauty that is none other than makeup.

For some of us, it is an instant problem that results from intense stress, fatigue, insomnia, or dehydration. But there are women who suffer from a relatively permanent shadow due to hereditary factors, anemia, and other health problems.

Whatever the reason, we can eliminate dark circles with the help of makeup. Knowing the technique for their perfect coverage and having the right cosmetic products, such as the corrector and concealer, we can make them not look at all.

See the makeup technique that eliminates the intense dark circles and partly the bags under the eyes.

Tips for a perfect coverage of intense dark circles

Even the best concealer for dark circles combined with a concealer can not give this shiny and fresh look to look if they are not applied properly. To see in what order and how you should apply the specific concealer products, in order to have excellent make-up that will hide your tired eyes.

First, moisturize the area under the eyes

Apart from consuming enough water during the day in order to keep your skin hydrated, you should not neglect the application of moisturizing eye cream with tampon movements.

This step may not be part of the makeup, but it is very important to create a healthy base that will make the corrector and concealer stand better without breaking.

Eye primer for a more stable result

If you want your makeup to look natural and not stand out, a base will help the skin become smoother and more even.

This way your canvas will be more correct to achieve the perfect coverage of the dark circles. More specifically, you will enable your concealer cosmetics to spread more beautifully and not create the so-called cakey effect that emphasizes, even more, the shadow under your eyes.

To apply the primer under the eyes with tamponade movements and continue to the next product. This step is optional, but it is very important in the final result.

How do I get rid of dark circles permanently?

Apply the appropriate corrector for dark circles

In case the concealer alone can not cover the dark circles, you will need the help of a concealer. It is a colored concealer that corrects skin discolorations, making the skin tone even.

Because dark circles, as we usually call them, are essentially blue-purple you will need the opposite color of concealer to make them disappear. That is someone with pink, orange, or red undertones.

Depending on how light or dark your skin is, you should also choose the right color. The lighter the tone of your skin, the more pink-orange the corrector should be. On the contrary, the darker the skin, the redder the product you are going to apply. These shades will make your eyes do not look tired, giving you a fresh and youthful look.

Of course, if your dark circles have a red face, you will need a green concealer to eliminate them. While if you want to deal with their dull face a purple.

Apply the product with your fingers, with a brush or a beauty blender, making blending movements until it becomes uniform with your skin.

Learn more about concealers, also known as colored concealers.

How to get rid of dark circles
How to get rid of dark circles with the right makeup products? One of the most common and quite annoying skin problems that concern us is dark circles.

Use concealer to eliminate dark circles

So after you correct the discolorations, it is time to cover them with concealer. Using it in the right way, you can make your look more relaxed and fresh.

It is important to be careful not to overdo it with the quantity. Putting enough concealer to cover dark circles may put you in the trap of the cakey effect. (the concealer looks broken and not uniform with the skin). This will make your face and look look tired and aged.

So be sure to apply a small amount with tampon movements. Form an inverted triangle that starts under the eyes and ends sideways from the nose and spread it out. Then dab it with a tissue to stabilize it.

In addition to the quantity, the color of the concealer you choose is also very important. It should not be too dark or too light to stand out. The ideal shade is 1-2 tones lighter than your skin.

It is also recommended to avoid very white cover products. They tend to gray out dark circles.

Equally important, however, is the texture of the concealer you choose. If you need hydration, prefer a liquid, while if you have oil, choose a powder. In general, however, the concealers that offer the best coverage are the creamy ones.

In case the product you have made the spot look dehydrated and dry, just mix it with a little eye cream before applying it.

Setting powder for complete and perfect coverage

The setting powder, as it is called, has the ability to stabilize the makeup and make it last longer. So applying it after the concealer, you can maintain the perfect coverage of dark circles, thus having a relaxed and fresh look throughout the day.

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