How to get soft hands

How to get soft hands. Summer activities that include things like the sea, salt, sand, and sun hurt our extremities and make them hard and dry, which is unattractive and harmful to the skin. So tackle nails, cracked skin and dry skin by following these 10 simple tips to help you get beautiful, soft hands.

1. Hydration: Dry skin can lead to premature aging, so it is advisable to find the right-hand lotion that will restore moisture and correct chapped skin in order to protect them from the sun, hard soaps and cleaners.

2. Take care of your nipples: Hard nipples and nipples can make your hands look rough, so after a warm shower, take the appropriate tool and push your nipples back. Then stimulate the blood flow by rubbing vigorously with a clean, dry towel or toothbrush until they are pink and peeling.

3. Wear gloves: Dishwashing is very bad on your skin, so opt for wearing rubber gloves to avoid direct contact with soaps and detergents.

4. Soft Hand Soap: The classic soap will remove from your hands their natural oils, so choose a special mild soap.

5. Protect Your Hands from the Sun: Few women think about applying sunscreen to their hands, but the damage caused by sunlight occurs throughout the year. Therefore, it is advisable to obtain a sunscreen hand lotion.

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6. Coconut Oil: Pour a small amount of coconut oil into a cotton swab and spread it on your hands until they have a small layer. If possible, do it before going to bed and wear cotton gloves to lock moisture.

7. Scrub with olive oil: Mix some sugar with olive oil and make a natural peeling that will hydrate your hands.

8. Homemade Hand Mask: Apply a mask of honey, lemon and olive oil to your hands, gently massage in a circular motion and allow the mixture to stand on your hands for at least 10 minutes.

9. Massage Your Hands: Offer yourself a wonderful and rejuvenating hand massage that will increase blood circulation while also benefiting from a relaxing massage that will smooth out the hard edges and help you relax.

10. Baby Powder and Lotion: If you want to have really soft baby-like hands, try this homemade recipe with your favorite lotion and a little baby powder.

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How to get soft hands

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