How to get the best results with a face mask

How to get the best results with a face mask. It may seem like a simple process to apply a face mask, but in reality, there are small details that affect both the outcome and the enjoyment of the process.

1) Clean:

Thoroughly cleanse your face of dirt and sweat so that it absorbs the nutrients of the mask more effectively.

2) Preparation:

Before preparing your mask, carefully identify and assemble the materials you need to mix and measure their quantities and proportions. If you use a commercially available mask just follow the instructions for use and do not arbitrarily add any material unless you are absolutely sure of its effectiveness.

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3) Select area:

There are some areas of the face where you should not apply the mask for a variety of reasons. For example, delicate and delicate skin around the eyes and lips should be avoided. It is also recommended to protect your eyes. The best way is to cover them with a damp cotton tray or slices of cucumber or potato to help get rid of the black circles.

4) Applying:

The easiest way to apply a face mask is with the hands though it is healthier to use a special spatula.

5) Relaxation:

Some women get used to chores while wearing a face mask but this is a big mistake. When wearing a mask, your face should be completely relaxed and unobtrusive so that it can penetrate all wrinkles and pores. So, during this enjoyable process, give yourself some free time and lie down or sit comfortably in an armchair.

6) Waiting:

It takes time for the mask to work effectively. The most common waiting time is 15-20 minutes. And it would be best not to go out for about two hours after you remove the mask.

7) Removal:

Remove the mask with a damp cotton tray or a soft damp towel. It is strictly forbidden to scrape, scrub your face or wait until the mask is gone alone. Once you have carefully removed the mask, rinse your face and apply your moisturizer.

How to get the best results with a face mask

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