How to keep beauty after pregnancy

How to keep beauty after pregnancy. You are going through the most important period of your life. You may feel fragile and fragile but don’t forget to be a woman. Feel beautiful and sexy by following simple but important natural beauty tips.

After all, your good psychology is needed now. So take care of yourself throughout your pregnancy in the right way and the right products, without endangering your sensitive body and fetus. let’s see, How to keep beauty after pregnancy


Hydration: Your body is the first to change. You will see it become more “round”. Your skin will become itchy and dehydrated. Moisturizing body cream will become your best friend. Prefer moisturizing creams with Vitamin E and elements such as calendula and panthenol to relieve the itching. After your daily shower, it is necessary.

Waxing: During pregnancy avoid using a razor for your waxing. Your skin is already damaged and the razor irritation is not the best. As for the laser method, it is prohibitive since it can damage the fetus.

A good solution is wax waxing. The effect lasts longer and you can apply it to many parts of the body (avoid the armpits because there are so many glands). He preferred cold wax that does not cause burns. After the 4th-5th month, she sought the help of an esthetician for better results.

Tip:   Pregnant women should not have their bodies in painful procedures until the 6th month. If waxing is too painful for you, you better avoid it the first time.

Stretch Marks: Due to the rapid weight gain and because your skin will stretch over the weeks, cracks and cracks will appear, called stretch marks. It prevented their appearance with special creams that you will find in the pharmacy.

Tip: Care of the body is also correct. The spine is burdened with weight gain. Consult your doctor and correct posture with specific exercise for pregnant women.


Increasing hormones will definitely cause drastic changes in your facial skin. Vomiting of the skin due to vomiting is very common, especially in the first few months.

The oily skin may become more oily or acne present. If your skin is oily, treat it daily with a mild pH-neutral soap. Exfoliating every 1-2 weeks with a mild facial peeling and clay mask will cleanse your skin of dirt and regulate grease.

Tip: In case of severe acne, do not use medicines without asking your dermatologist.

The dry skin may become more dry and dehydrated. For daily cleansing you can use a mild emulsion and a lotion to relieve the pull. Exfoliation is also required every 2 weeks, as well as a moisturizing mask 2-3 times a month.

Regardless of skin type, moisturizing cream and sun protection (with SPF index of at least 40) are essential. Do not forget it!

During pregnancy, it is advisable not to use facial bleaching products as they may irritate your skin. Mostly during the summer months use is prohibitive!

During the months of pregnancy, brown stains (pans) or existing ones may become more intense or more prominent on your face. This is due to the excessive secretion of melanin. To make matters worse, do not neglect your daily cleaning.

For eye care, she preferred a moisturizing cream that will help reduce swelling in the area around the eyes, a phenomenon common to many pregnant women.

Generally prefer mild products with herbal ingredients. Chamomile-based products will relieve irritation.

Makeup: Don’t overdo your skin with intense makeup. Allow your skin to breathe without excessive doses of powder and make-up. Color moisturizing cream, which will cover any imperfections, and the use of terracotta are two very good solutions for this period. After all, because of your pregnancy, your face has sweetened quite a bit! Highlight your features with an iridescent eye shadow, a bit of mascara and finish with lip gloss in fruity shades!


This time your body secretes many hormones. This also affects your hair, positive or negative.

The dull hair becomes shiny and vice versa! The curls are straight. Haircut or hair loss is more pronounced, etc. This cannot be overturned. All you can do is improve the situation by using foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables, and cereals.

Don’t neglect your appointment with the hairdresser every 3 months. The regular haircuts will maintain the health of your hair and strengthen it. If you are thinking of switching caps and going through your 3rd trimester of pregnancy, you better leave it for postpartum. Your face is now rounder and may not fit your new look later.

The hair dyes are best avoided during pregnancy, according to expert opinion. The chemicals they contain are dangerous to your sensitive body and color may not work due to increased hormones.

It’s a good idea to avoid styling and hair dryers for a few months. Let your hair be in its natural state to breathe better and not to lose weight.


As with hair, nails grow normally during the months of pregnancy. You can do manicures and pedicures as often as you like. Especially pedicure will soothe and relax you as your legs are very tired and swollen due to increased weight. Make sure your tools are metallic and well sterilized.

General advice:

How to keep beauty after pregnancy. Do everything carefully. Consult your doctor before resorting to solutions that may endanger your health and the health of the fetus. If you are visiting a beauty salon or spa, inform the person in charge of gynecology in a timely manner.

How to keep beauty after pregnancy

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