How to Keep Your Makeup A Hot Day

How to Keep Your Makeup A Hot Day. Have you ever been able to perfect your make up and just start to break down because of the heat? It’s the worst thing you can do because your face is full of oil. The warm weather is endurance bout for your daily makeup.

Even when you go out at night you will have the chance to sweat so your makeup will break down making you feel uncomfortable. To help you out, below are some tips on how to apply your cosmetics during the hot months.

8 Ways to Keep Your Makeup A Hot Day

1) Choose the right cream

Top stylists and dermatologists recommend avoiding oil-based creams at least during the summer months. These creams should be avoided all year long if your skin is already oily. So your makeup will be more firm.

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2) Build a foundation for your make up

Before applying your cover make up, apply a moisturizer on your skin and apply it well. But make sure it has a light texture so you don’t get the opposite effect. This will help your makeup last longer, which is very positive for a very hot day.

3) Applying cosmetics

To apply cosmetics on your face, use a sponge or a special brush. This way you will put a soft layer of makeup on your face and you will not burden it. Do not use the fingers with which you can carry many germs.

4) Use instant tan sunscreen

Instant tanning sunsets and powders make your eyes look brighter and your teeth whiter. To make it look more natural, apply cosmetics to the areas most prone to tan, such as the forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose.

5) Put on minimal make-up

Your golden rule should be, the less the better. A simple combination of moisturizing cream, concealer and mascara is ideal for the summer months. Don’t exaggerate. After all, men prefer more natural faces, especially in summer.

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6) Fight the oily glow

To prevent your skin from getting an unhealthy glow, try on lighter colored creams. When they come in contact with the hidden fats in your pores, these bases become visibly darker.

7) Avoid soaked colors

Make sure your summer cosmetics do not contain dark, soothing colors. I suggest using pastel colors in shades and lipsticks. As for your make up, choose someone in the color of your skin to avoid the colors.

8) Choose the perfect eye shadow

Try to use fluid shades for your eyes. These shades are easy to apply and apply evenly throughout the area, absorbing quickly from the skin and staying on your face longer without fear of melting.

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