How to Make Your Nails Longer

How to Make Your Nails Longer. Some tips on how to get your nails fast are always welcome … Right? As long as you want your hair to grow fast, so is your nail.

You want perfect fingernails to do your favorite manicure and play with nail polishes and designs but unfortunately, your fingernails are weak or not fast enough.

Your has some tips to make your fingernails go faster and stronger.

Shape Your Nails

Shaping your fingernails is a must. Shaping helps the nail to get rid of the unnecessary nail surface and get a boost. You do this exclusively with your nail polish and always do the trimming in the same direction and not as if you were scrubbing your nail with the nail.

Remove the nippers and nails

This is something you already know. Removing fingernails and, in addition to automatically making your fingernails look smoother and bigger, makes them even stronger. Passing them with a good nail hardener not only hardens but also strengthens them and this makes them grow faster.

Bleed your fingers to lengthen your nails

And yet, Doing different things with your fingers throughout the day makes them better blood. Hyperemia helps nails go away faster. You can massage your fingers, or work with your keyboard or mobile phone.

Lotion to lengthen nails

Weak nails do not last. They’re breaking. An amazing lotion to strengthen your fingernails so they don’t break and peel off is this:

  • 2 tablespoons of caramel tincture (you will find it in an organic store)
  • 1 tablespoon lanolin (in organic store or pharmacy)
  • 10 drops of essential oil of myrrh

How are you going to do it?

Put your fingernails in the tincture for 5-10 minutes. After 5-10 minutes, mix lanolin with the essential oil of myrrh and cross your fingernails with a cotton swab. You’ll see a huge difference in your fingernails from the very first uses.

How to Make Your Nails Longer

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