How to match lipstick color with skin and hair

How to match lipstick color with skin and hair. One of the most common questions for brunettes and brownies about makeup is which lipstick color suits them best. If you are one of the women with these hair colors, I have good news for you. There are countless shades that flatter you and can accentuate your lips in the simplest way.

More specifically, these hair colors tend to emphasize more facial features, especially if the skin is pale. However, in order to choose the ideal shade of lipstick, you should take into account these natural features, but mainly the tone of your skin.

One of the basic rules says that cold-skinned women, ie those with blue veins, are suitable for cold shades, especially those based on blue.

In contrast, warm lip colors, especially those based on orange, are ideal for warmer skin with green veins. Finally, women with neutral skin can choose any tone they want, as both warm and cool shades suit them.

So after we have singled out which tones suit each skin, let’s see in more detail how to choose the ideal lipstick color for brunettes/browns.

In general, however, you should keep in mind that makeup is a matter of taste and style. Therefore, the ideal choice of lipstick shade is the one that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. That’s why it’s a good idea to try lipsticks before you buy them. The following tips are the basic makeup rules and give some tips to help you choose the color that will lift your lips more easily.

So, Let’s see more about How to match lipstick color with skin and hair.

Nude shades on the lips for brown

The natural makeup, even lips are very popular in recent years. It highlights the beautiful features of every woman, without emphasizing them too much. This is a lipstick color proposal that suits every occasion and can be worn from morning to night.

However, choosing a natural lip color is not always easy. It should be done with prudence, so as to flatter the tone of your skin, but also to create a balance with the features of your face and your outfit, without making you pale.

The natural color and tone of the lips play a key role in how a nude lipstick shade will look worn. If, for example, we see the same color on different lips, it may look completely different. That’s why it’s a good idea to experiment a bit until you get the perfect nude lipstick for you.

It is important to prefer colors that are at least 2 tones darker than your natural. Otherwise, there is a case where the nude lipstick you choose will make you look pale and dull, instead of fresh, youthful and dazzling.

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Soft shades of pink and fuchsia lipstick for brunettes

Pink lipstick colors are very flattering and girly for women with brown or dark hair, as long as you choose the perfect shade. They tend to make the skin look fresh and youthful.

However, very pale pink tones tend to chlorinate brunette / brown women, so it would be good to avoid them. Of course, this does not mean that light pink lipstick shades are not beautiful and cannot be worn. Just as much as they are ideal for a morning – daily makeup.

As for which pink or fuchsia shade of lipstick suits every skin, the following list will inform you.

  • In grainy skins flattering are the dark shades of pink.
  • The lighter tones of pink and medium shades are suitable for porcelain skin, but not the very pale ones.
  • Fuchsia lipsticks go for brunettes and browns with dark or warm skin.

Makeup with red, coral or burgundy lipstick for brown / brunette

The seductive red color on the lips can make a woman’s makeup dazzling.

In fact, due to its intense tone, it does not need special eye painting. The lipstick has the first say in makeup and catches everyone’s eye. Therefore, a gentle eye paint with a simple black eyeliner or nude line and earthy shades is ideal.

But what is the red shade on the lips that best suits every brunette or brown?

  • For women with light – porcelain skin, cold shades based on blue are considered ideal. On the contrary, those colors that have a peach or yellow undertones should be avoided.
  • Warm red lipsticks with orange tones are ideal for those with grainy skin. This means that they can choose coral shades, but also orange-red to highlight their lips.
  • For medium skin tones, burgundy, wine, and raspberry red colors are suitable. On the contrary, light shades with peach undertones tend to add years.
  • Burgundy and dark cherry are equally a beautiful suggestion for porcelain skin.
  • One shade of red lipstick that suits all skin tones is terracotta.
  • On the other hand, reddish-brown colors are only suitable for women with very white teeth.
  • Especially if your hair is brown-red, the shades of terracotta and cinnamon on the lips are very impressive.
  • If you have chocolate hair color, prefer ruby ​​or cherry lipstick, and avoid pale pink.

Purple lipstick for women with brown or black hair

Aside from the classic nude, pink, and red lip choices, there are many more shades to choose from. Purple and brown lipsticks are now just as popular choices.

More specifically, purple lipstick has a wide range of shades ranging from light pink purple and lilac to dark eggplant. What is the ideal shade for every brunette / brown?

  • Soft purple lipstick colors such as lilac and lavender are suitable for light and porcelain skin.
  • Plums and violet shades on the lips go to skins with a neutral tone.
  • Intense and dark purple lipsticks are suitable for gray and dark skin.

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