How to properly apply your blush

How to properly apply your blush. Blush is an essential element of our makeup, as it gives a youthful glow to our face. Suffice it to say, of course.

Even if you are not a beginner in makeup, there are always useful tricks that can make you better. Rouge is a staple in makeup because if you miss it, your face will look inappropriate, and if you overdo it, the effect will be funny.

Let’s see, then, what to keep in mind when applying your blush.

Choose the right blush

Powder blushes can make your life a little more difficult. A creamy blush, on the other hand, spreads more easily and provides a more uniform effect. A smart tip is to apply a small amount of lipstick instead of a creamy blush.

Apply the blush to the right spot

Your goal should always be a natural result in your makeup. Therefore, the blush should be applied to the face apples and not under the cheeks. This will make your face look younger.

Apply blush before applying makeup

No, we’re not kidding you. By applying the blush first and then applying the blush, you will achieve a naturally glowing effect.

Use a tissue

Instead of removing the unnecessary amount of blush by applying a brush, use a handkerchief. Gently apply it to the area where you applied the blush and finish with a makeup sponge for a perfect finish.

Beware of blush with glitter

It is difficult to apply a glitter blush perfectly. In fact, it is advisable to avoid this type of blush if you have large pores, pimples or other skin imperfections.

How to properly apply your blush

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