How to properly treat neck and decollete

How to properly treat the neck and decollete. They are symbols of femininity and yet they are one of the most neglected areas of the body, in all areas: in terms of protection from external factors, grooming, massage, and even exercise. However, the news is good. The neck and decollete area can be rejuvenated with a little care, affection, and love.

When we refer to the neck and décolleté we mean the neck from the chin line down, the sternum, the area above the chest, the key and the shoulders. There the skin is very thin and contains fewer sebaceous glands and melanocytes, ie the cells that give color to the skin and protect it from UV radiation. It goes without saying that both its natural hydration and its natural sun protection are reduced compared to other areas of the body.

What happens as we get older

Often the neck and décolleté succumb to the signs of time first in relation to other features. Sun damage, oxidative and psychological stress, and the relentless law of gravity, lead to visible aging and rapid relaxation.

In addition, the ever-decreasing ability of the skin to retain water and the rapid reduction of collagen and elastin are factors that lead fatally to loss of firmness, horizontal wrinkles in the neck, “rough” texture, wrinkles in the décolleté and décolleté.

But we, in turn, make some mistakes and omissions, which definitely contribute to the appearance of side effects over time. What are these; Let’s see below.

Mistake # 1 Skip the sunscreen

To stop further damage, make sure you apply a generous amount of sunscreen. Unbreakable rule, even on a cloudy day – the sun’s rays can harm us, even if they do not bother us. It is good to remember that skipping sunscreen has irreversible effects.

Caution: A makeup with SPF is not enough to block the harmful effects of sunlight.

Mistake # 2 We do not clean the area properly

Most women think that skincare reaches the contour. However, experts emphasize that we should not neglect the neck and decollete every time we clean the face.

Mistake # 3 We do not moisturize it at all or we do not use the right composition

A common trick is to apply the body lotion. But most body emulsions are not designed to treat or delay the signs of aging in that area. So to offer essential care in the area, we choose specialized compositions with active anti-aging and firming ingredients.

Mistake # 4 We have the wrong sleeping posture

Many of us like to sleep on our side, but unfortunately this posture intensifies the wrinkles in the center of the sternum.

Beauty Ritual

Cleansing, exfoliation, hydration: As we take care of the face, we must do the same in the specific vulnerable area. This is the only way to remove dirt and contaminant particles from the area, and only then is it important to apply a cosmetic composition afterward in order to absorb it.

Caution: Let us not forget that no matter how effective our cosmetics is, there will be no improvement if we do not drink enough water daily to hydrate our cells.


* Daily we clean the neck and decollete with the same product we use on the face.

* Also once or twice a week, whenever we do exfoliation, do not neglect the neck, shoulders and chest. The dead cells will be removed, and in combination with the systematic hydration, a renewed, radiant and smooth skin will be revealed.

* Apply a wide range of sunscreen to the neck and decollete that is not covered with clothes.

The right moves for applying the cosmetic

Every night we apply the specialized composition on the neck after previously warming it slightly with the palms. We start the application from the neckline to the jawline, with upward movements applying light pressure. For optimal lifting results, after the application, we do face yoga exercises.
We repeat the care every night in combination with the exercise and soon the results will surprise us.

The top exercise for tightening the neck

Like all areas of the body, the neck and chest need exercise. Face yoga expert Areti Kafantari describes the following exercise:

1. I am in a stable position with my head looking forward and my face in a calm expression.

2. I go my head back to the point where my neck does not bother me.

3. I do projection – I pull my chin outwards bringing my lower teeth in front of the upper ones. I send my chin as high as I can, as if I have a thread pulling me to the ceiling. I live for 10 ”.

4. I return to my original position and repeat for 3 times.

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