How to protect your skin in winter cold weather..?

How to protect your skin in winter cold weather..? One of the most serious tests, both for us and for our skin, is winter. No, no one argues that this is a great time of the year, however, it would not be bad for her to work on certain traits of her character.

Well, judge for yourself: how do we, poor and unfortunate residents of cities who seem to be kind to be beautiful, really be beautiful when they have a cold outside and a steam room at home? How does our skin, so year-round in constant tension, glow with beauty and health when it is minus 30 outside the window? The answer here is one: without our help, nothing. And if so, then we turn to professionals for help.

According to professionals, during the winter season, the extremely uncomfortable temperature regime is added to the usual stress factors that already test our delicate skin for strength. It is he, this very regime, that weakens local immunity, which, in turn, makes our skin more sensitive and often weakened. Therefore, in this period, more than ever before and never after, the skin needs proper nutrition and hydration.

In winter, the skin, subject to various irritating factors, becomes dry, loses elasticity, the pores expand significantly – in general, that picture. The reason for all these unpleasant manifestations lies in the decrease in the amount of oxygen and moisture in the air, which are vital for proper skin breathing. While winter frost draws moisture from the upper word, snowflakes and small ice crystals flying in the air experience the protective properties of the skin for strength. Overlap all these inevitable components of the beauty of winter can be done only in one way: proper cleansing, nutrition, and hydration.

Cleansing at winter

As for cleansing, then in winter, it must be gentle. Translated, this means that if your skin belongs to the dry type, then a cosmetic tonic would be nice to replace with cosmetic milk or cream, additionally enriched with ginseng or aloe extracts. If your skin is oily, then instead of a drying gel, you should switch to a soft cleansing foam, in which instead of a soap base there are components of green tea or grapefruit.

In winter, it is necessary to limit skin contact with hot water, because it, hot water, is not only capable but also destroys the skin’s natural lipid barrier. Instead of washing with warm water, write yourself contrasting procedures, so you will not only boost the hidden strengths of your skin but also raise your mood.¬†

Moisturizing your skin

In winter, hydration should fulfill the three most important functions: deliver vitamins, nutrients, and hydro components to the epidermis, distribute them evenly, and restore the skin’s natural protective layer. It is clear that not all cosmetics are able to cope with this important task, and therefore, by going to the appropriate department, we maintain maximum bias. Our product should not only contain hydrates, antioxidants (vitamins E and C), but also lecithin. It is the latter substance that takes an active part in the metabolism of fatty acids, which are able to retain moisture in the deeper layers of the skin. It would be nice for those of us who spend many hours in a row at the computer to have a bottle of thermal water on hand that should be applied to the skin on top of makeup.

Particular attention to those tools that we use after makeup remover. They, as professionals say, should be as thick and nutritious as possible. This is the only way to relax the skin after a hard day’s work.¬†

Nutrition at the winter

Along with the loss of moisture from the skin come out the necessary nutrients. And therefore, if you notice dehydration behind your skin, start preparing a nourishing mask. The requirements for winter face masks are as follows: they must contain vitamin A, which promotes cell renewal and also contributes to the production of collagen and elastin. It would be nice if your mask also contains vitamin PP, which is not only indispensable for protein metabolism but also necessary for tissue nutrition and blood circulation.

As for night skincare products, they should be able to bind water. During sleep, in comfortable temperature conditions, creams and fluids containing hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, and serine will restore the skin’s natural moisture level, and nutritional supplements normalize the lipid balance.

How to protect your skin in winter cold weather..?

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