How to reduce nose with makeup

How to reduce nose with makeup. According to statistics, about 30% of people are unhappy with the shape of their nose; and if you ask women separately, the percentage will fly away to sky-high distances!

However, not everyone is ready for radical changes – rhinoplasty is considered a serious operation. What to do?

The fastest and safest way is to try changing the shape of your nose with makeup. To some extent, sculpturally “sculpt” the face should be able to every girl. 

Even if you have the right facial features, still your eyes will someday want to make a little more, your cheekbones are taller, your lips are puffier and more appetizing, and you can’t do without the tricks of make-up.

Correcting the shape of the nose is even easier. The optical effect is created due to the play of chiaroscuro, darkening, and lightening of certain areas of the skin using decorative cosmetics. Thus, the shape of the nose is smoothed out and only what is needed is highlighted.

How to reduce nose with makeup

You will need:

  • foundation (base) for makeup;
  • Contouring powder (three basic tones are enough) or a corrector for a tone lighter than the skin and matte brown shades for a tone darker than the skin;
  • Brushes: thin (for drawing lines) and thick (for blending).

Before proceeding with the correction, prepare the skin for applying cosmetics in the way you usually do. In order for the tone to lie evenly and the pores to be invisible, use a liquid makeup base.

The pictures show the most popular features that displease their owners. So, let’s try to “fix” them:

Short, wide nose.

Such a nose needs to be slightly lengthened and narrowed. To do this, apply a dark tone of powder on the wings and side walls with a thin brush, as shown in the figure. Lighten the back to the base of the nose with a lighter shade or corrector, thoroughly blend everything with a thick brush.

Narrow Long Nose

A long nose can be visually made shorter by covering the tip of the nose and nostrils with a dark tone and the back with a light tone.

Snub nose

The owners of an upturned nose need to lighten the deflection over the entire surface, and the convex tip to darken.

A nose with a hump

“Eagle’s nose” is the most difficult option for correction. In order not to attract excessive attention, you do not need to highlight anything. In a dark tone, cover the hump and blend with a brush as carefully as possible so that this place does not look like a dirty stain.

Large rounded nose.

The nose with “potatoes” can be reduced if the walls are darkened towards the center of the back, and partial shade is left on the wings.

Asymmetric nose You can

Balance the nose, shifted to the side, by darkening the side to which it is shifted, and brightening the opposite. If you are still not comfortable with the shape of the nose, then in makeup you can always shift the emphasis to something else: eyes, eyebrows, bright lips. From a larger nose, you can distract attention with bangs and accessories (hat, scarf, sunglasses). Do not be afraid to experiment – competent makeup works wonders.

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How to reduce nose with makeup

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