How to survive the summer in the city, handsomely

How to survive the summer in the city, handsomely. Summer in the city is not only the sun, fruits and nature trips on weekends but also insane stuffiness, tan in the form of shirts and the traditional shutdown of hot water. We will tell you how to survive in a melting stone jungle.

Vera Polozkova wrote: “Summer is in the city, dust is a pillar. We need money and a thunderstorm would … “. Wise words, it would be nice to feel good and look good.

So, Let’s see how to survive the summer in the city, handsomely

The sun of the city

Sunbathing has a positive effect on the body, activates the metabolism, increases the body’s resistance to infections, but this is the case if you follow the measure. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the activity of sunlight increases one and a half times – during these hours you should not leave the air-conditioned rooms. In this case, the danger of overheating lies in wait even in the shade or under the awning. You need to be careful with taking certain medications (antibiotics,  birth control ): many of them can increase sensitivity to sunlight. The instructions are usually marked “causes photosensitivity.”

Quenching thirst

In the heat, try to eat light, not spicy and not salty foods. You need to drink a lot of water – a few liters per day, but it should be “correct”. Coldwater poorly quenches thirst, as it is absorbed in the stomach only after it has warmed up to body temperature. Too warm water does not irritate the taste buds, so it does not give a feeling of quenching thirst. It is best to drink water at a temperature of 20-25 ° C with a drop of lemon juice or red wine.

Protection for skin and hair

Summer is a real test for our beauty. Hair becomes dry and brittle. The easiest way to save your hair is to cover your head with the lightest scarf, tying it around your neck in the manner.

You can “cheer up” tired curls with the help of energy shampoo: mix a teaspoon of honey, lemon juice and burdock oil with two yolks. Divide the mixture into equal parts by adding beer to one and water to another. On wet hair, apply a beer portion, massage, rinse. Then do the same with the other part of the mixture. After shampoo, you can pamper your hair with a  firming conditioner.

In summer, we open the body: we wear short tops, skirts, dresses. To keep the skin in perfect condition, it is advisable to use a scrub at least once a week: mix boiled water and cooled oatmeal with fine sea salt. Apply to the skin and massage, paying special attention to problem areas.

Face, lip, eye protection

From profuse sweating: try washing your face with green tea while washing. You do not need to wipe your face, let it dry. Wipe the skin with a slice of cucumber at night.

You can protect your lips from ultraviolet radiation using a special lip cream or SPF hygienic lipstick. In summer, it is especially important:  lipstick must be of high quality, regardless of color. Keep in mind that red shades can cause irritation.

In order not to damage the cornea, choose sunglasses with UV400 lenses for the summer (they protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation by 100%). Give preference to gray, brown or green lenses. But blue (especially reflective) give the least degree of protection.

In order to feel freshness and a surge of strength, put in the daily routine the morning ritual of wiping the skin of the face (and even the body – it is very invigorating.) With pieces of ice. In the evening, you can take a bath with bischofite, milk powder or oat broth – all three components perfectly soothe and moisturize the skin.

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