How to take care of your lips

How to take care of your lips. Lip care as they deserve after laughing, talking and kissing you.

In-depth care

The thinner the skin of your lips, the more care you have to give them. Hydration is the first and foremost step to maintain its beautiful appearance. Being exposed to the weather, they need hydration all day long. with this simple move, you will gain their healthy appearance, as maintaining proper hydration levels will provide significant protection against external attacks.

*Caution: Do not lick your lips to moisten them. Not only does saliva not moisturize, but it also makes them even drier and dryer than before.

* Secret: For perfectly hydrated lips in a natural way, apply a very small amount of honey on their surface before going to bed and allow it to act overnight. In the morning it was rinsed with lukewarm water. You will be surprised at the result.

Rebuild Now

The lips move almost non-stop during the day. Grimaces are a means of expression, but as you swipe your lips, unwanted vertical lines are created – the same is true if you smoke.

So in order to maintain the elastic and youthful contour of your lips, quitting smoking is a very important step … As for the grimaces … Because life is beautiful you have to enjoy it with all your senses, so using a specialist regularly lip toning and smoothing product will have immediate results.

* Attention: Apply the tonic product to your lips and wait 1-2 minutes before the dyes are absorbed as much as possible.

* Secret: To stimulate the blood circulation and volume of your lips naturally, Spend care and makeup on their surface with an ice-cream wrapped in a clean tissue.

Hydration, Color, and Shine

Even the most wonderful shade looks unnatural on dry and cracked lips. So after you’ve taken care of their health, it’s time to dress them in the color you prefer.

Lip gloss, in particular, has the potential to provide the delicate lip area with even more oils and hydration. These with shiny little granules ensure even longer in color, they look more creamy in a creamy texture and all in all make the lips look fleshier.

Caution: For perfect color performance and to avoid cracking, before dyeing, gently rub your lips with a damp soft, clean cloth, a toothbrush or some sugar to apply with wet fingers.

Secret: The color you choose, in addition to highlighting your features, also betrays your character elements.

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So if you prefer reddish shades to reveal your passion for life, the pink/lilac tones testify to a romantic soul, the darker shades to your sophisticated mood and the natural almost colorless tones, a tranquil character that knows how to claim.

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