How to use Crystal Serum on hair

How to use Crystal Serum on hair?, crystal hair serum is one of the types of hair care products, which have many different benefits, so many doctors recommend them, and through the next lines, we will explain All information about Crystal Hair Serum, its benefits, and methods of use.

  • Information about crystal hair serum
  • How to use Crystal Serum on hair
  • Types of crystal serums
    • 1- Energy
    • 2- Energy Cosmetics
  • Benefits of crystal hair serum
  • How to use Crystal Serum on hair
  • Original hair crystal
  • Crystal Serum damage to hair
  • Important advice when using Crystal Serum

Information about crystal hair serum

  1. Crystal Serum is one of the oils that contain many conditioners for hair.
  2. As it contains some natural substances that work to nourish the hair from the roots to the ends.
  3. It is also specially formulated to build and repair damaged, split ends.

What is a hair serum?

Just like a serum for the skin can give the skin an extra boost, a hair serum can do this for the hair. Hair serum can mean more than just traditional cleansing products. The serum works as a styling aid that simultaneously tackles a number of hair problems. Think of frizz, add shine to the hair and protect the hair against external factors. A serum can condition the hair on its surface and provide a quick fix to keep hair looking healthy.

However, there is a drawback to using a serum. This disadvantage is in the application of the serum, because how do you apply a serum in the right way? Even though it is a great product, the serum can lose its potency if not applied properly. That is why we have listed a number of tips about applying a serum:

How to use Crystal Serum on hair

DO: Apply it in the ends

For beautiful hair with the right amount of shine, it is important that you distribute the serum in the part of the hair that needs it most the points. Start at the ends and don’t go beyond the center of the hair. To avoid the hair roots.

DO NOT: Apply the serum immediately

In your search for the right serum, you may have noticed that some serums are thicker than others. Depending on the hair problem. With these thicker serums, it is sometimes difficult to distribute them evenly in the hair. We have a tip for that. Do not apply the serum directly to the hair after applying it to your hands. Instead, warm the serum in the hands first for 5 to 6 seconds. This will make the serum softer, and you will also be able to apply it more easily.

DO:  Choose a serum that suits the hair

In order to properly care for the hair, it is important that you take your hair type and hair type into account. For example, someone with fine hair should use a different serum than someone with thicker hair. The same goes for someone with dry hair, who needs a different serum than someone with oily hair.

DON’T: Overuse the serum

No matter how long or thick the hair is, it is never good to use too much of the product. Do not apply more serum than the size of a pea if you have fine hair and a 5 cent coin if you have thicker hair.

DO: Apply to clean hair

A big advantage of a serum is that it protects the hair against harmful external factors. To get the best out of the serum, it is therefore important that it is applied to clean, washed hair. It is best to apply the serum to damp hair before applying the other styling products.

Types of crystal serums

There are many different types, which are available from Crystal Serum, which differ according to the composition included in them, and the most famous and best of these are the following:

1- Energy

  1. This type is considered among the favorites of many women, and it is recommended constantly.
  2. It contains a group of oils and natural substances that are specially formulated to treat the ends of the hair.
  3. It provides the hair with the nutrition it needs and addresses the split ends and weakness of the tip of the hair.

2- Energy Cosmetics

  1. This type of crystal is also considered good because it has a unique and special formula.
  2. As it contains a high percentage of protein, as well as some types of vitamins that hair needs.
  3. Works to give hair a soft, natural texture, because it contains moisturizers that moisturize it from the roots.
  4. It also helps repair and rebuild damaged hair, and is effective in preventing hair breakage, especially the ends.

Benefits of crystal hair serum

There are many different benefits that accrue to the health of hair if using Crystal Serum, because it is rich in vitamins and elements beneficial to hair, and among those benefits are the following:

  1. Help treat hair from damage caused by constant exposure to dyes and chemicals.
  2. It protects hair from many different harmful factors, one of which is exposure to heat or moisture.
  3. It treats severe dryness of the hair and scalp, which in turn causes dry and frizzy hair.
  4. Helps extend hair softness and shine, and also helps prevent hair from getting tangled.
  5. It has an effective role in nourishing the hair and thus working on its density, and it is a treatment for the problem of hair loss.
  6. Helps treat split ends of hair, as it provides them with proper nourishment.

How to use Crystal Serum on hair

As for the way in which Crystal Serum can be used to treat many different problems that the hair suffers from, it is used in this way as follows:

  1. First, wash the hair well with warm water and a hair type lotion.
  2. After that, the serum is introduced, and a few drops are placed on the fingertips.
  3. The serum is massaged directly into the hair and scalp, to be distributed throughout the hair, especially the split ends.
  4. After massaging the hair for several minutes, the serum is left on the hair for at least forty minutes.
  5. After that, the hair is wrapped in a towel, preferably warm, and then the hair is washed with lukewarm water and the lotion intended for it.
  6. The serum can be used before working on a hairdryer, or iron because it reduces the severity of the damage caused by the high heat emanating from these components.
  7. It is best to use no more than three times a week to use Crystal Serum.
  8. Whereas, it is one of the preparations that, in the event of excessive use, may cause some side effects on the health of the hair.

Original hair crystal

It is known that some types of crystal serums have been spread, which are not among the original types of the company, as the counterfeit packages have spread, and this is what made many women want to know how to identify the original serum from other non-original packages, It can be recognized through these following steps:

  1. The original Crystal product is very thick and sticky, and very similar to gel.
  2. The counterfeit products are light in texture and very similar to the consistency of regular oil.
  3. Also, the original packaging shows its effective and good result on the hair from the first use.
  4. The original packaging will be accompanied by the words No more curly hair, and it shall be attached in English on the outside of the package.
  5. It is better to buy it from well-known places, in order to avoid buying counterfeit packages because they cause severe damage to the hair.
  6. The original serum packaging is clear in color, so what’s inside can be seen easily.

Crystal Serum damage to hair

There are also many different damages that the use of Crystal Serum can cause on the health of the hair, especially in the case of overuse, among those damages the following:

  1. In some cases, the serum causes sensitivity to the scalp and itchy cravings.
  2. When using serum and exposing hair directly to sunlight, may cause hair damage and severe dryness.
  3. When used too much, it may lead to severe hair loss, especially if the non-original types are used.
  4. In very rare cases, Crystal Serum may cause severe hair loss.
  5. The serum, when used extensively, causes a dense greasy layer on the hair and scalp, which exposes the scalp to infections and dandruff.

Important advice when using Crystal Serum

There are also some tips that must be followed when using crystal serum, in order to avoid some of the side effects that we have mentioned to you, and among those tips are the following:

  1. The type must be chosen that is appropriate for the type of hair, as thin hair needs light in texture.
  2. Also, it is necessary to work on applying a small amount, appropriate to the length and density of the hair, in order to avoid damage.
  3. You must work to wash the hair after using the serum for a period of no more than twenty-four hours.
  4. It is better than the amount used on the hair does not exceed five drops at a time.
  5. Beware of frequent use, and it should not be used more than two to three times per week.
  6. Be sure to buy the product from trusted places and pharmacies, in order to avoid buying the product that is imitated because it causes serious damage to the health of the hair.

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