How to use makeup brushes correctly

How to use makeup brushes correctly. If makeup is part of your daily routine then you need to learn to use makeup brushes properly. With the brushes, you will achieve the perfect makeup that will make your day. But there are so many brushes that can really confuse you. Do you think, How to use makeup brushes correctly?

You will have noticed that there are caskets with a whole range of brushes big, small, wide, pointed. Each of these is intended for a different purpose. So it’s time to learn to use them to give yourself the care you deserve. Let’s see, How to use makeup brushes correctly.

How is each makeup brush used?

1. Powder brush

This brush is perfect for powdered powders when you want a light makeup but it can do other work as well. It is made of many hairs, natural or synthetic, and is one of the brushes that every woman should definitely have.

If you want to use such a brush with your favorite make-up, dive into the product and cross your face making circular movements to achieve the coverage you want.

2. Conical brush

The conical brush can be used to apply your make-up, highlighter or blush. These brushes are usually wide to form a cone. They are ideal for products in a more liquid form. If you want to give a lighter texture to your foundation, apply the brush in cold water and then apply make-up.

For a better result, you start from the middle of the face but be careful not to leave any gaps. You can also use this brush to apply your highlighter.

3. Stippling brush

With the stippling brush, you can create a lightweight look. The appearance of these brushes is quite impressive the truth is. This brush is that if you want to do many different levels of makeup since you can use the same brush for many products, his hair is basically split into two levels.

To use it, make small and gentle movements on your face, as you would with a sponge with the front hairs. To perfect your makeup use the back hairs but without putting pressure on your face.

4. Kabuki brush

This brush can be applied to face and body if you want to emphasize your necklace, for example. Make circular motions for the best results.

You can use it in addition to your powder and foundation or blush.

5. Contour brush

Contouring is a makeup technique that every woman who loves makeup should know how to do. In order to achieve the perfect contour in addition to training, you need a good brush. It is best to use a nose brush to follow the curves of your face.

Once you have applied the contouring to the points you want to cut, you will have to blend them in for a perfect make-up. You can use the Kabuki brush for this job.

6. Silicone sponge

The silicone sponge is that you need to stretch products without absorbing the product. Therefore, it is ideal for liquid cosmetics. It is usually flat and has an oval or tear-like shape so you can work your whole face with it.

To use it, put a quantity in your hand and start spreading it all over your face, taking care to cover the points you want well and not over the line. For a more natural effect, make drum movements.

7. Painting sponge

What makes the sponge stand out is that you can use it for many different products. You can use it to apply a primer or even your moisturizer or sunscreen. Of course, its professional use is to apply your foundation, highlighter or bronzer.

When it’s time to use the swamp under the faucet with cold or hot water and then press it forcefully to leave as long as the water was left inside. Water helps the sponge not absorb the product.

8. Brush Fan

The perfect brush to remove any mistakes you have made in your makeup. Also with the fan brush, you can apply your highlighter or blush. It is one of the most essential pieces to have in your cosmetics case.

You made great smokey-eye but the shadow fell on the cheeks as well. Take that brush and remove it, just so. To apply your gloss or blush just put a product on and in the cheekbones you are ready.

9. Eye Shadow Brush

Another brush that is essential for a woman’s cosmetics. With this brush, you can apply any eye shadow. Usually, this brush is small with medium-sized hairs. You can even use the Eye Primer with it.

Just choose which shade you want, apply it to your eye and ready. If you plan on going from a darker color to a lighter one you better use a different brush because the shade will change color.

10. Brush eyeliner

Women are divided into two categories. To those who like this brush and to those who can’t at all – here I am. Dip the brush into the eyeliner jar and apply it to the eye following its natural curve. In order not to miss you can put small vases and then join them.

To get the perfect eyeliner line it takes practice and a steady hand. Then you need to check if the lines are the same, mainly in terms of their thickness. If after a lot of effort you still lose it somewhere, put in a piece of tape, pull the line you want, remove the tape and get ready.

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11. Eyebrow brush

Everything you need to make your eyebrows. Most brushes of this kind are double. On one side they have a brush to comb your eyebrows and on the other, they have a conical brush to fill hair where you need it.

Each eyebrow has a different curve, so be careful not to get away from it, creating a result you might not like.

12. Lip brush

With this brush, you apply cosmetics for your lips such as lipstick or lipstick. The solution is that you need to stay in the lip line.

To use it simply choose the color you want, put a small amount on the brush and start drawing on the natural line that your lips have.

How to use makeup brushes correctly

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