How to whiten underarms fast at home

How to whiten underarms fast at home. One of the most common and annoying problems of everyday life that have happened to all of us is the bad breath of the armpit. Especially during the summer, this is more common due to the heat. To deal with it, our main ally is cleanliness and deodorant – antiperspirant armpit.

This product is very helpful in preventing bad smell and maintaining freshness throughout the day. Here’s a rumor that deodorants are carcinogenic because of their chemicals, such as parabens and aluminum: This has not been scientifically proven despite research into the matter.

Many cosmetic companies have of course created organic aluminum deodorants and parabens, such as crystal. However, the price of this product category is usually much higher.

So, in the following article, we will present some recipes for natural deodorants that you can make yourself at home using simple materials.

But let’s first look at what causes the armpit malodor and how we can prevent it.

Why the Armpits Smell – The Common Causes of Bad Smell

There is a view that the bad smell in the armpit area is due to sweat. This is partly incorrect because the sweat itself is colorless and odorless since it consists mainly of water and salts, which are eliminated from the body by removing toxins and balancing its temperature.

What causes bad breath is the bacteria, which grow in areas of high moisture (sweat) and produce an acidic odor. These bacteria are present in our skin and their job is to break down the protein into acids. During this chemical process, this strong and nasty smell emerges.

If you notice, this odor varies from person to person and is due to gene factors, hormones, daily habits, and the sex of the person.

Sometimes malodor is also caused by diet, as certain foods tend to produce odors. These are usually hot, spicy, onion, garlic, etc.

It should be noted that along with the bacteria, the fungi present in our skin may also be activated, causing beyond the smell of the armpit and irritation – rashes. Skin fungi grow more easily in humid conditions, without much light, and at elevated temperatures, as is the case with the armpits. How do you understand them? They usually produce red dishes that are embossed or scaly oval or round in shape. In many cases, these rashes are accompanied by itching in the armpits or burning.

But where you should pay close attention is the very strong and persistent bad smell of the body. There are cases where this malodor in the armpits may conceal a health problem, such as thyroid, hormone change, and diabetes.

How to whiten underarms fast at home

Ways to deal with the aroma of the armpit properly

  • Be sure to wash your armpits with an antibacterial soap to remove the bacteria that cause bad breath. However, avoid excessive washing, as this can remove the good bacteria in our body and fight the bad.
  • After the bath, wipe thoroughly, removing all moisture from your skin to prevent the growth of fungi.
  • Do not hesitate to apply a deodorant or antiperspirant after the shower, preferably in the evening.
  • Depilation of the armpit is also important, because the hair creates a fertile ground for easier bacterial growth, as it retains moisture.
  • Wear clean and non-fitting clothing, preferably natural fibers, such as cotton, wool, linen or silk. They let the skin breathe, absorbing sweat.
  • Avoid spicy foods, such as onion, garlic or curry, as they tend to enhance the aroma of the armpit.
  • Get rid of the stress that triggers sweating.
  • Botox is the last and last resort for major sweating problems in the armpits.

What types of deodorants are on the market?

In the trade, we can find a variety of deodorants for the armpits. The first key distinction is between deodorants (which fight odors and are considered cosmetics) and antiperspirants (prevent/stop sweating to a certain extent and are classified as medicinal products). Beyond that, deodorants are broken down into crystal, roll-on, stick, spray, cream, and powder.

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There is a belief that roll-on deodorants are more effective than sprays and stickers, even if they have the same texture.

Alternatively, sweat-absorbent underwear is also available on the market. These are thin stickers that stick to the area of ​​the armpit on the inside of the garment, regardless of its fabric and collect moisture, keeping the spot dry and fresh.

So, Let’s see How to whiten underarms fast at home

How to whiten underarms fast at home for the armpit

In addition to ready-made organic or non-deodorant-free trade in aluminum, there are also simple recipes to make your own natural product that will help counteract bad breath in the armpits. These are blends of simple materials that are available in almost every home, but also some that you can easily get from organic stores or your pharmacy.

Homemade deodorant for underarms with baking soda

Treat the bacteria that accumulate and cause bad smell on your armpits with baking soda. Apply the pure or in combination with some cornmeal in the area and freshen it, keeping moisture away.

Alternatively, make a mixture of 1/2 cup soda, 5 tablespoons liquid coconut oil and 20 drops of your favorite essential oil. It is advisable to start by mixing the soda with the essential oil and, once fully combined, add the coconut oil, stirring again until a uniform mixture is obtained. Your natural deodorant is ready. Apply it on your armpits with a gentle massage.

Natural deodorized armpit with soda in paste form

Make your own anti-odor cosmetics on the armpits by utilizing the antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of baking soda.

You will need:
– 3 tablespoons (about 30 grams) sea salt
– 6 tablespoons (about 60 grams) baking soda
– 2 lemon
peels – 2 orange peels
– 1/2 cup water

Preparation: Put the water in a saucepan and add the lemon and orange peels. Boil the mixture and then lower from the heat. Let stand until it reaches a warm temperature without burning and drain. Then add the soda and salt to the liquid mixture and mix thoroughly until dissolved and a uniform viscous paste is obtained.

How to Apply: Apply the natural deodorant to your armpits and let it absorb.

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Make deodorant for armpits with aloe gel

Treat the bad smell of armpit with a herbal deodorant based on the moisturizing and antibacterial properties of aloe. It is a natural anti-perspiration product that regulates the pH of the underarm’s skin and stops the bacteria from growing and causing the area to smell bad.

You will need:
– 5 grams (1 teaspoon) teaspoon essential oil
– 30 ml (3 tablespoons) anemone
– 75 grams (5 tablespoons) aloe gel

Preparation: Simply mix all the ingredients until they are homogenized.

How to apply: Apply deodorant to the armpits and allow it to be absorbed. For more effective action, apply 2 or 3 times daily.

Handmade deodorant with apple cider vinegar and lavender

Reduce the unpleasant odors caused by sweat in the armpits by making a natural deodorant based on the antimicrobial properties of lavender and natural acids of apple cider vinegar.

You will need:
– 1 cup organic apple cider vinegar
– 6 fresh lavender leaves
– Water

Preparation: Take a jar and put it in the lavender. Cover with apple cider vinegar and allow the mixture to stand for 10 days. Then drain the liquid and dilute it with an equal amount of water.

Preparation: Take a dose of the mixture with a cotton swab and apply it on your armpits twice a day.

How to whiten underarms fast at home

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