Lasting make-up for hot summer nights

Lasting make-up for hot summer nights. Summer is approaching, now the best parties and celebrations are taking place outside again. Even the next disco or club is already luring big-city dwellers to exciting hot nights that go until dawn. But almost every summer women face a dilemma: how does the make-up last without getting lost in the midday heat? How does the makeup hold up after a few hours of dancing in the club?

Various factors are important for the make-up to last all day long. Be it the right care, the right make-up, the right brush, and other points. This little guide is intended to help you learn some basics and create an unforgettable party night.

Put on the right cleaning and care

In order for the make-up to find the right hold on the skin, the skin should, of course, be properly cared for and cleaned. So the care series must be adapted to the needs of the skin, for example oily, normal, dry. In summer it is generally advisable to use the lightest possible care cream. The skin has different needs in summer than in winter, so it needs less fat, for example.

Appropriate care with a sun protection factor or UV protection is important for the skin. Here it can also be useful to use a cream that initially mattifies the skin. This prevents a shiny film of grease, make-up is easier to apply and is better absorbed into the skin. Before the make-up is applied, you should wait until the care is completely absorbed, i.e. about 15 minutes.

Optimize the skin with a primer

So that the make-up really stays on the skin for a good time, a little help may be necessary. The magic word is called primer. It is a kind of cream that is applied to the skin aftercare but before make-up. Appropriate ingredients smooth pores and prepare them for make-up. Those who are prone to skin redness or pimples can apply primers in the so-called complementary colors. The green primer ensures that redness disappears.

So the eyeshadow lasts a long time

The right eye shadow is often part of the right make-up. This also happens during the day. In addition, with age, more eyelid lines form and the eyeshadow runs into them. This can favor the spreading of the eyeshadow. Fortunately, the cosmetics industry has also provided the right aid here.

This tool is called eyeshadow primer or “eyeshadow base”. Like the primer for the make-up, the base prepares the eyelid for the eyeshadow and smoothes the eyelid, at the same time the applied eyeshadow shines brighter and stronger afterward. The base is ideally fat-free and either transparent or available in skin tones. This way even small veins on the eyelid can be covered. In addition, the base also helps contact lens wearers, since no particles get onto the eyelid.

Problem area drooping eyelid

Many women have problems applying their drooping eyelids to a good advantage. Especially in summer, when a fresh and radiant make-up is actually desired, it can happen that the overall picture looks rather tired and limp. The reason for this is an unfavorably made-up eyelid. Instead of the traditional emphasis on the lid, the focus has to be on the drooping eyelid, the moving part of the eyelid.

After the make-up has been applied as described above, a cooling gel/fluid can also be used for tired eyes, which is gently tapped. Then the eyeliner is drawn, it is applied above and below the eye and maybe stronger. The eye shadow can also be applied above and very slightly below the eye. Dark eye shadows are particularly suitable in the evening.

The choice of makeup

Make-up that is as light as possible should be chosen for the summer, which does not clog the pores unnecessarily and does not leave an unsightly grease film on the skin. If you can and like, you can also use various BB products, which are light, tinted day creams that give the skin a beautiful, radiant complexion without unnecessarily weighing it down. Care should be taken to have at least an SPF of 15 or more.

Another alternative to heavy make-up can also be a light powder, which is easy to apply, does not look mask-like and is pleasant on the skin. Depending on the skin type, as with very oily skin, a powder can even be better than conventional make-up and can also be easily renewed on the go.

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SOS tricks on the go

Who does not know it? On the way to the club or restaurant it is noticeable in the mirror that the make-up applied in the morning does not sit so well anymore and that something went wrong. In order to be prepared, appropriate products such as brushes, make-up remover, make-up, lipstick and the like should best be carried in a small make-up bag. These usually fit in every woman’s handbag.

Just as practical for small repairs or a small oil film are powdered papers that “absorb” the excess fat. These can easily be pressed for a few moments on the corresponding area and the make-up refreshed.

Lasting make-up for hot summer nights

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