Makeup according to the shape of the face

Makeup according to the shape of the face. In order to show off your beauty through makeup, it is very important to take into consideration the shape of your face and then find the right technique for your coloring.

Take a close look at the mirror and determine which category your face belongs to, this will help you choose the makeup to highlight your most beautiful spots and cover the weakest.


This shape is considered ideal. It is characterized by balanced features and does not require any special corrections or any particular haircut to highlight it. The only reason you use makeup if you have an oval face is to emphasize you’re a natural beauty. Take out your eyebrows using their natural bow, use a lip pencil to give the impression of fuller lips, apply blush to a particular track from the apples to the outer corner of the eye.

Diamond face

This face shape is characterized by a thin forehead and chin and wide cheekbones. To correct the shape and make it closer to the oval, you need to visually reduce the width of the cheekbones, using darker make-up on the outside of the cheekbones and directing it to the outer corner of the eyes. Use a lighter make-up on the forehead and chin to give the impression of greater width. When pulling out your eyebrows, try to have some distance between them, following their natural arc. Better to avoid bright lipsticks.

Face heart

The wide forehead and weak chin are the main features of this person. In this case, the aim is to make the chin wider and reduce the width of the front.
You will achieve this by using lighter make-up on the chin and darker on the front. Leave your eyebrows thick and straight by following the natural bow, but try to keep them some distance apart. You can use any lipstick color. Put blush on the cheeks, on the upper part and you will give your face great charm.

Round face

It is the easiest to determine. It is characterized by approximately equal proportions of width and length. The makeup should give it a long feel. As with the diamond face, you should also apply darker make-up on the edges of the face, on the jawline and under the cheeks. Blush on the cheeks and spread it to the temples to make it look thinner. Apply intense eye makeup and leave your eyebrows full.

Square face

This face consists of a straight front with a square jaw. What you need to do with makeup is to soften your corners, giving the face a softer look. Put dark make-up on the temples, the jawline and the sides of the face. But in this way, you will reduce the width of the face. Spread the blush along the jawline. If you can pull out your eyebrows in round shapes it will help a lot. Choose a lipstick that will give the impression of full lips.

Long face

The thing for the short-haired person is to look rounder and wider. Leave your eyebrows a little thick, apply intense eye makeup, trying to make them look bigger. Apply eyeliner from the center of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye. Use lipsticks that show your lips are fuller. Put a little blush as possible, make sure it does not slip out of the outer corner of the eye and down the tip of the nose. Use light make-up on the edges of the face and dark on the chin and forehead.

Pear face

You can recognize it from the thin forehead and the relatively wide area of ​​the jaw. The point is to lengthen the face at the bottom and give it a sense of width at the top. Spread the blush along the jawline. Use darker make-up on the edges of the jaw area.

Makeup according to the shape of the face

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