Makeup and protection mask: Makeup tips for the season of the Coronavirus

Makeup and protection mask: Makeup tips for the season of the Coronavirus. One of the changes that the pandemic has brought to our lives is the daily use of the face mask. This, of course, affects our makeup routine.

So from the moment we need to wear the mask on each of our outings from the house, we have to adapt our painting to the new conditions.

The following make up tips will help you make an impressive make-up that will emphasize your look and will not blur you with the use of the mask.

The ideal base for longer lasting makeup

As in painting without a mask, the base plays an important role, so in this case, it should be very durable. After all, it is the canvas on which we will create our makeup.

We always start with a moisturizer and then apply our sunscreen, which is always necessary.

So after we finish with the hydration and the protection from the sun, it is the turn of a primer that will help to keep our make-up more stable without leaving together with the mask.

From there, the coverage is in order. It is not necessary to burden your skin with a foundation and even waterproof. Unless of course, you can do without it. It is better to invest in a BB or CC cream that will give you a soft coverage and will make your skin beautiful and radiant.

If you have dark circles or just want to give light to your look, do not neglect the concealer. Because the eyes are the only feature that the mask does not cover, it is important that they look beautiful and fresh.

Optionally you can also use a stabilizing powder.

What eye makeup should I choose wearing the protection mask?

With the use of the mask, all the attention is focused on the eyes, which is why the make-up you choose should emphasize them.

The simplest version is only with mascara. Intense lashes will give your look freshness and vitality.

If you still want to use some eye shadow, you can do it. The options are countless, with natural makeup in earth tones to be ideal for your daily activities and work. But in case you are looking for something more intense, you can easily play with the colors.

An equally beautiful suggestion for painting the eyes is the use of eyeliner. Gives intensity to the look without exaggeration. And in fact, it is not necessary to combine with eye shadow. It can make your eyes look impressive on their own.

And if the black line seems like a very classic choice or you are just looking for something more special, you can try the colored eyeliner.

Do not neglect eyebrow makeup

Another feature of your face that you need to pay attention to is the eyebrows. They frame the eyes and make them look more seductive.

Therefore, it is very important to fill your eyebrows well to give them a flawless shape, covering any gaps that may exist. So the result of your makeup will be more complete and impressive, while your eyes will look fresher and more beautiful.

Lip painting and protective mask

Because your lips will not be visible, it is not necessary to paint them. You can simply moisturize them with a lip balm or apply a long-lasting lipgloss. So, even when you remove the mask, your makeup will not be gone and it will not be smudged, while your lips will look juicy and hydrated.

If you still want to wear some lipstick, choose a long-lasting product in nude shades that will still not get dirty.

Finally, for those who love the color on the lips, there is the choice of lip stains that do not leave easily and do not smudge.

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Blush for color on the cheekbones

Even if they are hidden behind the mask, your cheekbones will be visible once you remove it.

For this reason, you should choose a product with a long duration that will give the necessary freshness and sunburned, if you want, look at your makeup.

And most important of all: Setting spray

By spraying your face with a setting spray, you can make the base of your makeup more stable and avoid accidents such as leaving it on the mask.

Therefore, as soon as you are done with your makeup, spray the stabilizing spray. Wait a few minutes for it to dry and then put on your mask.

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