Makeup brushes: This is how we clean them properly

Makeup brushes: This is how we clean them properly. Facilitate the makeup process and give a professional result to our hair. But without proper treatment, they are potentially insidious germs that threaten the skin. The same is true for the sponges of makeup ap.

Whether we use them daily or not, makeup brushes should be cleaned frequently, ideally once a week. Dust, sebum, and makeup residues can cause acne and even dermatitis, dermatologists and make-up artists unanimously explain.

Here are the steps for a simple and quick cleaning:

  1. Fill a large glass or mug with warm water and dissolve a minimal amount of a gentle shampoo.  
  2. Dive in the brushes and swing them in the glass. Then remove and swing them on the palm to create a foam, and to remove dirt better.  
  3. If needed, refresh the soapy water and continue with the rest of the brushes.  
  4. Rinse with clean water and carefully drain with the forefinger and thumb.  
  5. Spread them in a clean towel and let them dry.

Alternatively, we can use dish soap instead of shampoo.

When is it time to replace them?

Experts suggest replacing the brushes every few months, but it’s a bit too much. Good quality brushes can withstand many years of use. So they need replacing when they start to sag, the hairs stick together and their shape changes.

Makeup brushes: This is how we clean them properly

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