Makeup for Women Over 40

Makeup for Women Over 40. There is no doubt that beauty is not of age. However, when you turn 40 you see some changes in your skin due mainly to the loss of collagen. This is quite natural, but some women worry. If you belong to them then don’t worry because there are some tricks in makeup for women over 40 that will save you.

In other words, even if you have reached the 40’s threshold you can maintain a youthful appearance if you do the right painting. So discover 6 tips on makeup for women over 40.

6 Makeup Tips If You Are Over 40

1. Moisturize well

The hydration is everything, especially for couples who are not considered trendy. If your skin is not well hydrated then cosmetics may not work well. This, in turn, will accentuate your facial imperfections and wrinkles. That is why you should not neglect the use of day and night cream as well as regular masks.

2. Incorporate the concealer into your daily routine

Can until a few years concealer can be your an unfamiliar word, but now is one of your most basic cosmetics. As the dark circles in the eye area are now denser, more effort is needed to cover them. But pay attention to the amount of concealer you will use. This is because a large amount may not only hide you for years but on the contrary, can make you feel bad.

2. Highlight your eyebrows

Over the years, the bristles on the eyebrows are diluting more and more. This means, on the one hand, that you do not have to spend a lot of time pulling out the eyebrows. On the other hand, it means that there are some gaps between the eyebrows that you need to fill if you want to have a strong look. So fill those gaps with a pencil in close range and your look will be brighter and younger.

4. Avoid dark shadows

As the years go by the skin over the eyes becomes thinner and thinner, making the eyes appear smaller. For this reason, the appropriate shade shadow that you can choose is in earthy, natural colors that will make your eyes look bigger. On the contrary, the only shadows that will succeed will be to reduce them and draw attention to the wrinkles that may be present in the area.

5. Don’t overdo it with blush

The intense blush can hurt you as it can accentuate the wrinkles of the area. If you want to color your cheekbones, then opt for a smaller amount and more natural shades that will naturally enhance your skin.

6. Highlight your lashes

As we grow older our eyes look smaller. Therefore, the right makeup should look bigger. And there is no better way to grow eyes than toned lashes. So apply a generous dose of mascara and if you want, use eyelash scissors for best results.

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