Myths about beauty products

Myths about beauty products. Advertising and impressive packaging are often factors that determine how we choose new cosmetics and beauty products.

However, makeup artist, cosmetics expert and author Paula Begoun think we should not believe many of the companies that create these products because they often boast a product with various beneficial abilities that are simply false.

So check out the list of the most popular myths that cosmetics companies have led us to believe and have in mind the next time you buy one.

Myths about beauty products

Myth # 1: The better known the brand, the better it works

The effectiveness of a beauty product is entirely determined by its chemical composition. Neither the brand, the store that sells it, nor the price has anything to do with its utility.

Myth # 2: There is an effective anti-aging product

Regardless of your age, it is important to know what kind of skin you have and to use the right products to take care of it. Unfortunately, creams that prevent aging do not exist. When you see a cream saying it’s anti-aging, basically your company sells a product that retains elasticity, prevents pigmentation and makes wrinkles less visible.

Eye cream is no different than your moisturizing cream. It is exactly the same product, only in a smaller bottle which is sold at a higher price. All you have to remember is the warning in these little bottles, which says that you should avoid eye contact.

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Myth # 3: Cream can help you get rid of cellulite

If this were true, then models would not use Photoshop. At present, there is no proven ingredient or cosmetic product that can help completely eliminate cellulite. The combination of diet and exercise is the regimen that can affect the amount of cellulose fats that accumulate under the skin, but there is no effective cosmetic product that will help you get rid of it.

Myth # 4: Tanning is safe

Both tanning on the beach and solarium is not safe for skin health. If you want to get a great chocolate color, just use a tanning spray.

Myth # 5: Organic products are better than normal

Organic products are just marketing methods. The presence of natural products in cosmetology has no effect on whether or not a product is effective. Therefore, so-called organic products may be completely safe as they contain no chemicals, but that does not automatically mean that they are some kind of by-product. In addition, the people who make them will never tell you that these products actually use other chemicals to help preserve organic ingredients.

Myth # 6: Creams can help eliminate small wrinkles

There are no cosmetic products that are capable of completely eliminating stretch marks, wrinkles or dark circles under the eyes. None of these are compared to more serious treatments like botox or other injectable methods. The science just hasn’t progressed that much and it will take a long time before we can say that cosmetics can help with skin loosening or unwanted wrinkles.

Myth # 7: The sunscreen should only be worn on the beach

Sunscreen is one of the best ways to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, discoloration, and loss of softness and collagen. So do not completely reject its use in the fall and winter. You could use a moisturizer, makeup or some other sunscreen cosmetic, but in all cases, it should contain zinc oxide, titanium dioxide or avobenzone.

Myth # 8: Shampoo can stop hair loss

Regardless of what the company may write in the bottle to encourage you to buy it, a shampoo has no effect on the condition of the hair. Its only functional ability is to cleanse the hair. Neither the company nor price is an important criterion. The shampoo itself will be applied to your hair for a short time, so any exotic products it is supposed to content will not be absorbed by your body. The secret to your hair care lies in the use of emollients and special hair masks.

Myth # 9: You can dye your hair without hurting it

Modern hair dyes remove the natural color of your hair and replace it with a different color. This new pigment can stay in your hair for a period of three months, while the weakest pigment can stay for about a week. So what are the dyes that do not damage your hair? The ones that do not damage the natural color of your hair … but these are the ones that have no effect on its color. So the answer is simple: all hair dyes have the same damaging effect, and only natural henna has a chance of not doing any harm.

Myths about beauty products

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