Nails Fall / Winter 2020 – 2021: The top trends in colors, shapes, and designs

Nails Fall / Winter 2020 – 2021: The top trends in colors, shapes, and designs. As it happens every season, the catwalks of our famous fashion houses presented the new trends in all fields. So if you want to dress from head to toe according to the fashion trends for this Fall / Winter, the following list will help you achieve this.

These are trends that have remained in vogue for a long time, but also for new additions. See in more detail which colors, shapes, but also manicure designs will be a must. Let’s go to the Nails Fall / Winter 2020 – 2021: The top trends in colors, shapes, and designs.

Top nail colors for the Fall / Winter 2020 – 2021 season

Like every season there are some shades that stand out in the man’s, so this year. So what are the varnish colors that will be worn the most?

On the catwalks of famous fashion houses, the top nail artists set the stage for the Fall / Winter period through the choices they made in painting the nails of the models.

Unpainted nails

Nails Fall / Winter 2020 - 2021: The top trends in colors, shapes, and designs

In order for our nails to look well-groomed and beautiful, they do not necessarily need to be painted. This was also suggested by the famous nail artists on the catwalks of fashion houses, such as Christian Dior, Givenchy and Proenza Schouler.

More specifically, we saw models walking with their nails colorless, passed with only one base to shine, or with one of their nails painted on each hand.

Besides, the natural look, as in the make-up for the Fall / Winter 2020-2021 is a must.

Nude manicure

Nails Fall / Winter 2020 - 2021: The top trends in colors, shapes, and designs

An alternative proposal for unpainted nails is that of nude varnishes. So if you want to paint them, but to maintain their natural and discreet look, choose one of the timeless manos in nude shades.

Tones of beige, pink, peach and light brown are just some of the colors you can use. We saw this trend presented by Longchamp, Altuzarra, Serena Williams and Vera Wang.

Gothy varnish colors

Black is one of the top colors in fashion this year. Therefore, it is not surprising that it also affected the nails of the season.

But apart from the black mano, the other dark and gothy colors will be worn, such as the very dark burgundy and purple.

Nails Fall / Winter 2020 - 2021: The top trends in colors, shapes, and designs

More specifically, Christian Siriano and Anna Sui used pure black nail polish on natural and short nails. On the other hand, on the catwalk of Pucci we saw a more glossy black nail color combined with a little gray applied to long natural nails, while Rodarte, Monse and Balenciaga chose some more gothic shades.

Red and burgundy mano

Nails Fall / Winter 2020 - 2021: The top trends in colors, shapes, and designs

Classic, timeless and very popular, the bright red or burgundy nails will continue to be a top choice in the Fall / Winter 2020 – 2021 season.

More specifically, the famous MSGM company chose an intense and bright shade of red, while Dolce & Gabbana preferred a deeper and darker red tone that combined perfectly with the models’ lipstick.

On the other hand, on the catwalk of Oscar de la Renta, warmer and darker burgundy manos were presented.

We also saw more reds in Matty Bovan, Prabal Gurung and Veronica Beard, and cooler burgundy in Molly Goddard and Roland Mouret.

Colorful nails

Nails Fall / Winter 2020 - 2021: The top trends in colors, shapes, and designs

f you still prefer colorful nails in bright shades, then no problem. This is another trend of the season proposed by Olivia Rubin, Rebecca Minkoff, M Missoni and Chromat, among others with their manicures.

Sometimes in the form of colorful rainbows and other times with a more gradient effect, colored nails will be a top choice this Fall and Winter.

The most trendy autumn and winter nail designs

In addition to the mano colors, the experts also presented the designs on the nails that will have their honor.

So, apart from the monochrome manicures, this year we will see a great variety of French nails, but also colored ones.

French nails

Nails Fall / Winter 2020 - 2021: The top trends in colors, shapes, and designs

One of the most popular manicure designs that will remain at the top of our choices this season is the French one.

Half-Moon Nails

An alternative proposal of french manicure that will also be a nail trend for the Fall / Winter 2020 – 2021 season is the reverse French. The so-called half moon nails with the crescent at the root of the nail is a beautiful idea for this period.

It is modern, playful and can be created with any varnish you like. For example, Veronica Beard proposed a nude brown color for the crescent combined with a warm red mano over the rest of the surface.

On the other hand, on the catwalk of the Brock Collection we saw a simpler half moon design in negative space style. What does this mean; The nail had an unpainted crescent and burgundy color on the rest.

Finally, the most striking upside down French was that of Halpern with long pointed stiletto nails painted in black and a dose of glitter shine at the base.

Asymmetric upside down french on nails

And if you are looking for an even more special nail design for the season, dare the asymmetrical half moon. This is a variation that wants the crescent to have an asymmetrical shape.

On the 16Arlington catwalk we saw a glossy red manicure that painted the edges and sides of the nail, maintaining a nude shade at the base. A similar design was presented by the house of Prabal Gurung with a deep red color on stiletto nails.

3D decorative and nail piercing

3D nail accessories are a trend that remains at the top for many seasons. The reason is that they can take off a manicure in the simplest way and can be easily used even by the most beginner in manicure. Typical examples from the catwalk we saw in the houses of Ashish, Lela Rose, Simone Rocha, Alice + Olivia, The Blonds and Giambattista Valli.

However, apart from the three-dimensional rhinestones, metal shapes, etc., this year the nail piercing will also have its honor, as suggested by the Monse house. This particular technique takes practice to achieve, as trying to pierce a nail without knowing how, may cause it to break. But if a connoisseur does it, it can lead to an impressive and original nail design.

Messy nail painting with metallic colors

Metallic varnishes may not be something special, but the way the nail artists of the fashion houses Preen and Marni used them for this season has a special style.

This is a messy manicure with shine created by applying metallic mano colors scattered on the surface of the nail.

The nail shapes that will dominate this season

In addition to the colors and designs that will be top in our fall and winter manicure options, there are also the top nail shapes for the season.

So if you are thinking of changing the way you file your nails or you are just wondering if the shape you have chosen will be a must for this period, the following list will answer your question.

Naturally short nails

If short nails are more to your taste or you find it difficult to maintain a long length, do not worry. This year short natural nails will be a top choice.

They are comfortable, beautiful and well-groomed, while they also make the manicure last longer without being worn out. This is also suggested by Winter 2020 – 2021: The top trends in colors, shapes, and designs.

Squoval nails

Another popular and favorite band with timeless value is the squoval. These are square nails with rounded edges that are more durable and look just as elegant as the most angular ones.

This particular file seems to have been chosen by the nail artists of Moschino and Vera Wang.

Long macaroon nails

The almond-shaped nails have become very popular in recent years. This is a special shape that exudes elegance and goes beyond the usual square or oval nails. It has a bold look, but not as extreme as daggers.

Ballerina’s nails

The ballerina toe back in trends, thus providing an alternative for a long dagger type, but not so sharp shape. In essence, these are stiletto nails with a square toe that are more durable and are just as modern and impressive.

Pointed dagger nails

If you are still a fan of the most pointed shapes, stiletto nails will remain at the top this season as well. Their special design needs a visit to a specialist to achieve, as it is done mainly with artificial nails to withstand the daily hassle and not break.

Nail arts in nude shades

The nude nail arts is ideal for those who prefer to have softer colors to manicure them, but without losing the elegance. They could not ignore this for this winter as well. There are many shades that you can choose for the designs that you will make so that they are always impressive and at the same time discreet.

Dark nail colors

It is known that in both Autumn and Winter we prefer dark nail polishes. They are more in line with the hazy weather, but also our makeup. The must Autumn nail designs are with brown varnish, burgundy, or black. To give them a little shine you can play with metallic elements, glitter, and rhinestones, but also combining them with light-colored varnishes.

Modern french manicure

The French manicure is the most stylish you can do to not have your nails unpainted. You can choose it for your daily appearances as well as for the more formal ones, such as the wedding. The fashion for 2021, however, gives you the opportunity to make more modern and alternative designs. In addition, do not stay on the white line. You can also play with your favorite color in your French.

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