Natural beauty makeup tips

Natural beauty makeup tips. Do you actually have to apply the full make-up every day? Every morning foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and powder – is this the right way to keep the skin healthy? The skin resists such a daily full treatment without a doubt in the long run. This is later reflected in wrinkles and a pale skin color.

The whole program is completely unnecessary every day! Just let your natural beauty shine, without any makeup and completely pure! With the following tricks, your skin will shine, your hair will shine and you will feel completely comfortable – even without the use of heavy make-up! So, Let’s see what are the Natural beauty makeup tips.

Good Morning! with Natural beauty makeup

There are really great ways to start the morning. To do this, you just have to cut a few green grapes in half and slowly rub the halves over the cleaned face. The fruit acids in the grapes act as a light peeling and refresh the skin without attacking it. And yes: you can also eat the grapes afterward if you want to.

In order to make sleepy eyes and swollen bags disappear again in seconds, it is helpful to store a mild eye cream in the fridge overnight and then to cool it around the eye area in the morning. The cream should be gently tapped into the eye from the outside in and not rubbed in. This helps to drain fluid and effectively combat unsightly swellings.


Even if the sun is not considered a particularly good friend of the skin, a sun-kissed complexion is an absolute eye-catcher. And not just in the summer months. The secret is to look well-tanned, but not to expose yourself to the harmful sun or even self-tanner or solarium. A simple trick can help: Add an organic sunscreen cream with a teaspoon of mineral bronzer and apply it to your face. The skin immediately radiates as if you had just returned from a relaxing beach vacation. And the skin will thank you for not looking “leathery”.

Enchanting waves and shine without chemistry

Wavy hair is not just a hairstyle – it is also a statement. It exudes naturalness, liveliness and a hint of romance. If you have naturally straight hair, you will have a hard time with this look. At least if you want to do without hard chemical lobes and lengthy curling procedures. A foolproof miracle product for loose, wavy hair can, however, be made with just a few ingredients: pour approximately 250 ml of warm water into an empty spray bottle, add a tablespoon of coarse sea salt and eight drops of lavender oil, spray into damp hair and let it dry there. The result is wonderfully wavy hair for an enchanting beach look.

And that can work completely without the addition of chemical clubs, which destroy the hair in the long term and weaken the hair substance in the long term. If you already have damaged and dull hair, you can make it shine again. Here, for example, argan oil from the pharmacy helps. The oil is distributed into damp hair and massaged in there with slightly circular movements. After about 30 minutes, the oil is carefully rinsed out and requires no further maintenance. Simply blow-dry and enjoy the new shine!

The Mayo cure for hair

Can you rub mayonnaise in your hair? Yes, in any case! The contained egg and oil strengthen the hair and firm it from the inside. Even if the thought of actually rubbing mayonnaise into your hair may seem daunting at first glance, the results are really impressive! The mayonnaise is massaged into the still damp hair and left to take effect for half an hour. To get rid of the typical mayonnaise smell, you should first rinse your hair cold and then wash it with warm water and a mild cleansing shampoo. Finally, you only have to style your hair as usual.

Baby tender lips

Brittle, dry lips can not only become extremely painful, but they also don’t look particularly pretty. So here is the ultimate care for soft, soft lips:
Spread a generous amount of honey on your lips at night before going to bed and leave to soak in overnight. The next morning, take an unused soft toothbrush, dampen it with warm water and gently massage your lips with it. This way, dried skin particles are gently removed and the lips look plump and tempting. And thanks to the massage, they are well supplied with blood and get a seductive color. With this site, you can find more Natural beauty makeup tips for lips.

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The right time for a mask

Masks, whether bought or homemade, help cleanse, soothe and make the skin radiantly beautiful. But when is the right time for a mask? Before the shower? While bathing? No matter? The best moment for a really effective mask is when you have been in the hot tub for a few minutes. Because then the pores have opened due to the warm rising steam and the skin can fully absorb the nourishing substances.

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