Natural beauty treatments you can do at home

Natural beauty treatments you can do at home. Before you spend even more money on visiting a beauty center or beautician, find out what are the simple treatments that you can easily do at home without problems and certainly at a much lower cost.

1. Epilation of the upper lip

The thought of handling the hot wax on your own may scare you, but when it comes to such a small area as your upper lip, the process becomes a toy. You can buy a candle for a microwave oven, wooden spatulas, and wax strips. Look for a lukewarm wax that can melt in the microwave and get an aloe gel. Try the wax on your wrist to make sure it’s not too hot before applying it to your upper lip. When it reaches the right temperature, gently apply it to your mustache, take a deep breath and pull it out with the epilator. Discard the paper and the wooden spatula and apply immediately to the aloe gel area to prevent redness and irritation. You will get a soft upper lip in a very short time,

2. Manicure with gel

You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to make a semi-permanent manicure every three weeks in aesthetics. You can find some beautiful and affordable UV lamps and the right nail polishes. You will pay off the cash you need for your initial purchases very quickly and after a while, it will only cost you a few coats of your varnish. 

Plus, you’ll be able to change the color of your nails whenever you want, without spending too much money. We recommend investing in a base that will help your gel nail polish to adhere better to your natural nails, a good acne gel that will facilitate the color changes you make, and a good coarse lather. Always be sure that the surface of your natural nail is well and evenly covered, otherwise the gel will burst after a few days. Apply it like regular nail polish and fill the edges around your nails for a clean, professional finish.

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3. Maintain the shape of the eyebrow

There is no reason to pay for waxing or tweezing your eyebrows. All you need is a good, professional tweezer. You can also use stencils to shape your eyebrows or repair a specialist just for this reason. When your eyebrows have the shape you want, all you have to do is remove the hair that is leftover every two or three days. Put it into your daily beauty routine and you’ll soon find that it only takes a few minutes for your eyebrows to look spectacular.

4. Peeling

Whether you need exfoliation for the whole body, or just for the face, it is sure that you can do it yourself at home. With a good shade or exfoliating cream, you can achieve the same results as aestheticist, at a much lower cost. We therefore strongly suggest that you do it at home since it is simple, easy and fast and should be done regularly. For perfect body exfoliation, we suggest soaking in a warm bath, filling the bathtub and gently rubbing your body with lupus or exfoliating cream. Finish the treatment by applying a moisturizing lotion for soft silky skin.

5. Pedicure

Calluses are definitely a condition that needs intensive care. Invest in a bottle of Epsom salts, a foot or pumice stone, and foot lotion. Let your feet soak in a basin of warm water and Epsom salts for at least 15 minutes. When the skin softens, use lime or pumice stone to remove dead, dry skin cells from your feet. Allow them to soak again in the basin for another 15 minutes. Then dry them, apply a rich foot cream and wear a pair of cotton socks to allow the cream to penetrate your feet. After this procedure, your feet will be thankful.

Natural beauty treatments you can do at home

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