Natural contouring for summer

Natural contouring for summer. Natural makeup and radiant skin have succeeded in over-covering foundation and harsh lines. Now, the point is to emphasize our characteristics and enhance the health of our skin.

But beyond fashion, high temperatures and hot summer sun leave us free to choose a heavy make-up that clogs our pores and removes sweat.

However, we always want to intensify the angles of our face and give a flattering and yet distinctive tan to our face.

For this purpose, after all, contouring has become a trend.
For its lighter and summertime version, we only have to use our bronzer or terracotta.
With a thick blush, we apply it in gentle, circular motions and create the “cuts” we want on the cheeks and outline of the face.
In addition, we do not forget the blush on the apples of the face to give color and freshness to our skin.

So, we ensure a natural and summer look!

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Natural contouring for summer

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