Natural makeup with 3 products

Natural makeup with 3 products. The tan made our skin shine so long that a little moisturizing cream, a little blush or bronzer, and lipstick were enough to make us feel good.

But now that color is returning to its pale version and the weather is begging us for “five more minutes” we need a makeup that will give us a healthier look – and convince our bosses that we have enough sleep.

The good thing is that it doesn’t take much time, no special technique, and not too many products to achieve an effect like the one below.

After all, this is a look for the morning hours when we are usually at work, so our main goal is to lighten our features, resulting in the most natural result possible. So our makeup will not spoil by the end of the day and we will breathe a professional air.

Watch the video:

Natural makeup with 3 products

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