Natural moisturizer for skin

Natural moisturizer for skin. Use simple natural moisturizers to heal dry skin and protect your skin.

The benefits of using natural oils as opposed to commercially available moisturizers are numerous. They are much more economical, smell a lot better (at least) and most importantly, they are more beneficial.

In combination with a cleansing oil for your face, moisturize it exclusively with natural oils. Each skin type has its own natural moisturizing oils that are most beneficial to him. So it is advisable to try these oils on a small part of your hand or face and choose the one that is most beneficial to you.

Natural moisturizer for skin

Check out the list of 8 natural moisturizers your skin will love and choose the right one for your skin.

1. Avocado oil

Avocado oil is produced by the famous fruit and is ideal for the most oily skin types as it is absorbed quickly. Prefer cold-pressed avocado oil that is less processed.

It is noteworthy that avocado is known to be used as a hair or face mask.

2. Carrot butter

Carrot butter is extremely moisturizing, but it can also be very rich for some skin types.

It is produced from the fruit of the African Shea tree, whose oil is also used for cooking in abundant areas. Some of the natural moisturizing elements found in carrot butter are the same as those produced by sebaceous glands. Choose A Grade Butter Butter, which is the purest, and choose whether you can have an organic product. Carrot butter combines well with other oils, so if you want to heat it, melt it and mix it with other oils or essential oils to create one of the most beautiful natural aroma moisturizers.

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3. Coconut oil

The coconut oil has become one of the popular natural moisturizers in recent years, although it has a long history of use in both the skin and the hair, especially in areas where coconuts grow. Using it to wash your face every morning, you can, along with coconut oil, also wash off the oil and dirt from your skin, leaving it hydrated. It is advisable to choose its organic form. Lastly, you can use it on the days that your hair is frizz-free without weighing the hair.

4. Mango butter

The butter is made from the core of the mango seed and is extremely soft and moisturizing. Because it is difficult at room temperature, it is often mixed with other oils (often coconut oil) to make it softer and easier to use. It is rich in vitamins C, A and E, and is especially good in the treatment of sunburn. Lastly, it is used as cooking oil in areas where mangoes are commonly grown (especially in Southeast Asia).

5. Buttermilk

The buttermilk bath is a treatment for our grandmother’s skin that works. Buttermilk contains lactic acid (an alpha hydroxylic acid), which can slowly but firmly cleanse the signs of aging and reduce tiny scars, such as acne, through its gentle exfoliation. Although buttermilk does not provide hydration on its own, it can help any other natural moisturizer to penetrate the skin better. Try a luxurious bathroom with 2 cups of organic buttermilk and a few tablespoons of honey.

6. Olive oil

It has been an ancient cure used by women and men in the Mediterranean for thousands of years. There is evidence that it is used in beauty, but also in cooking, both in ancient Greece and in Egypt. It can be used plain or mixed with other oils and is slightly heavier than coconut oil. Its application makes the skin soft and quite radiant. You can use it to make a hair mask with olive oil which you will leave overnight or apply on your hands and wear cotton gloves before bedtime to make them soft and beautiful. It is one of the most common natural moisturizers in our country.

7. Honey

Honey is an antibacterial substance, as well as one of the amazing natural moisturizing products. You can dissolve it in your bathroom or mix it with coconut oil as a moisturizing cleanser.

8. Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is made from the same part of the plant as the chocolate, the seeds. It is a favorite cosmetic product of pregnant women to prevent stretch marks and is used to make chocolate sweets. It smells great like chocolate, so lip balm with cocoa butter are everyone’s favorite. It is a very stable oil, which means it can last a while without stagnating. It is packed with fats that abound in chocolate and makes very good skin hydration. Choose an organic product and try mixing it with peppermint or orange essential oils to get the right aroma.

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